river of blood
A river of blood flowing a street in Douma, a city located 10 km from Damascus after Syrian air force dropped barrel bombs on 12 February 2015.Facebook

A widely shared photograph purporting to show a 'river of blood' flowing through a street in Syria after air strikes by UK and Russia, was in fact taken in February 2015.

The image, which has been in circulation since February 2015 was taken in the Syrian city of Douma, located some 10 km north-east of Damascus. 

The viral photo, which has independently been verified, was taken by a Syrian activist Abusalah al-Doumi and is one of the most shocking images from Syria shared widely on social media. 

According to Turkish journalist, Oz Katerji, the picture was taken just after rainfall on 12 February. The viral image shows a stream of blood flowing through the streets after Douma -- a rebel-held area -- was pounded by Syrian air force, who dropped barrel bombs on the city.

That week, when the picture was taken, the barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian regime had already killed 1,200 people in the city.

After incessant bombing on rebel-held areas in Syria, recently Britain too has joined the air strikes. On social media many are now sharing the Douma street picture with a caption "River of blood in Syria but no one cares because it's not Paris."

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A river of blood in Syria but its not Paris so ..... no one cares

Muzammil Hatami ‏@MuzammilHatami 

A River of blood in Syria but no one cares because it's not Paris http://fb.me/2jTkQeDL9

Karel Goldbaum ‏@goldbaumdaze

River of blood in Syria but no one cares because it's not Paris. http://fb.me/7LaU37hfm

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