In what suspected to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO), strange lights were spotted over the skies of Tucson in Arizona and Kansas City on 27 July.

UFO Sightings: Strange Lights Spotted over Tucson and Kansas City

Several people in both cities claimed to have seen the mysterious lights in night sky and some even managed to record the unusual phenomena on camera. The videos of the mysterious lights were posted on YouTube. Some believed that the spotted objects were indeed UFOs, while others argued that it videos may have been manipulated.

According to an eyewitness who got a chance to record the moving object on his mobile phone, there were seven or eight lights in the sky at the same time and some were moving alone while the others were flying in pairs.

"My family and I witnessed these strange amber lights in Tucson on our way home from dinner. There were seven or eight of them crossing the sky, some solo and others in pairs flying very, very close together," wrote a YouTube user named Cbazz adding, "These objects we saw tonight were silent and moving across the sky very fast....Not sure what we were seeing, but I never really believed in this sort of thing until tonight. Glad I had my phone to record." 

UFO Sightings: Strange Lights Spotted over Tucson and Kansas City

However, Ben Hansen, a former FBI special agent, was sceptic about the videos. "In my opinion both videos are definitely man-made, combustible objects -- most likely Chinese lanterns."He added further "The Kansas [City] video is slightly different, especially in the beginning because they appear to move more quickly, but that could simply be a perspective illusion of the videographer's zoom and shaky tracking," he told Huffington Post.  

Check of the video of strange lights hovering over Tucson and Kansas City.