• The Tree Kangaroo found in the rainforests of New Guinea and Queensland. They are losing existence due to deforestation and hunting. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, feeds a tree kangaroo at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.Reuters
  • Young one of a Bearded Vulture. These vultures are found in Himalayan regions and other mountain ranges of Europe and Asia. But now are falling out and currently there are 10,000 left.Reuters
  • A proboscis monkey sits on a tree trunk along the Kinabatangan River in Sukau in Malaysia's state of Sabah on the Borneo island. These long-nosed monkeys are also known as bekantan in Malay language. The species are losing its existence due to deforestation.Reuters
  • Three Markhor goats standing on a hill at the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland. Markhor is the national animal of Pakistan and only 2,500 of them are remaining on earth.Reuters
  • Gharial crocodiles are mostly found in the Indian sub-continent. At present their population is 235 which is very less.Reuters
  • A three-week-old North Island Brown Kiwi called 'Tuatahi', meaning 'first' in the Maori language. New Zealand conservationists are warning that the country's national icon, the flightless, burrowing kiwi bird, could be virtually extinct in five to 10 years if rates of decline are not halted.Reuters
  • An Irrawaddy dolphin (R) performs with two pink dolphins at the Oasis Sea World marine park in Chantaburi, Bangkok. Pink dolphins, also known as Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, are among the world's most endangered species.Reuters
  • Okapi, known as 'zebra-giraffe'. It is a very rarely spotted specie and only 20,000 are left.Reuters
  • A rare albino axolotl, a type of salamander that uniquely spends its whole life in its larval form, crawls inside an aquarium at Aquaria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur. New surveys by scientists in 2009 suggest that only between 700 and 1,200 Mexican axolotls are left in the wild, in the Xochimilco area of the Mexican Central Valley.Reuters
  • A snub-nosed or golden monkey from Shaanxi province hugs her two-week-old male baby at the Beijing Breeding Centre for Endangered Animals. The endangered golden monkey is scattered along a mountainous sliver of southwestern China. Efforts to save the monkeys are hindered by rampant poaching for their precious coats.Reuters
  • The Saiga Antelope is found in the Eurasian Steppe. Around 12,000 endangered Saiga antelopes were found dead in Kazakhstan in 2010. The species are on the verge of extinction.Facebook
  • The Florida Panther are falling out due to poaching and car accidents. It is said that only 160 of these species are alive presently.Reuters

The human population has not only disbalanced the nature, but also affected its fellow living beings. Due to indiscriminate deforestation and hunting, many rare-spotted species are on the verge of becoming extinct.

The world has been created with full of surprises. One would not know how many kind of species exist on earth. From "Tree Kangaroos" to "Pink Dolphins", there are many such weird-looking animals that are vulnerable.

Check out the above slideshow of 12 endagered animals that look different.