Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavan in "Ivide" posterFacebook/ Ivide

The trailer of the much-awaited Shyamaprasad movie "Ivide", which was released on 10 May, has created waves in online world. Within minutes of release, the video became a trending topic on Facebook.

The kind of the reception the trailer got reflects the magnitude of the expectations audience have from this upcoming movie. "Ivide" trailer is rich with its intriguing factors and star cast.

It has added to the suspense element of the film and has introduced the star cast of the film.

"It is great to see the kind of response which the trailer of 'Ivide' has got online and this is reflection of buzz the movie has created with its Facebook page. The page has been existing since the film's announcement and this had also led to a serious amount of discussion among online fans. Moreover, the posters of the films had managed to bring in suspense and with the star cast of Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly and Bhavana, the movie has already become one of the most awaited film in recent times," Sreenath of Iced Tea, who handles the digital marketing of "Ivide" told IB Times India

The release of "Ivide" is currently scheduled on 29 May and promotions for the movie are taking place at full swing.

"Every aspect of promoting this movie goes as per plans and there is set schedules for each marketing aspects. Proper planning has worked well for each movie we have worked for and we believe 'Ivide' will also yield desired result," Sreenath added.

"Ivide", which is touted as a crime thriller, is based on the serial killing of IT techies in major US cities. Prithviraj will play Varun Blake, a police officer of Indian origin in Atlanta Police Department while Nivin Pauly will don the role of Krish Hebbar and Bhavana will be featured as Roshni Mathew.

Majority of the cast is from the US and features Shaun Xavier, Prakash Bare, Dhanish Karthik, Deepti Nai, Haridev, Sunil Veettil, Tim Naddy, Juan Alexander, Kirstein Gilber and Robin Cole in major roles.