In a dramatic video released by the extremist group ISIS, which has captured major swathe of the Northern Iraq before trying to overrun Baghdad, Australian militants are seen calling on their fellow countrymen to join them in the fight in Iraq and Syria.

In a dramatic video released by the extremist group ISIS Australian militants are seen calling on their fellow countrymen to join them in the fight in Iraq and Syria.YouTube Screen Shot

The 13-minute ISIS-recruitment production, titled 'There is No Life Without Jihad' shows the stark reality of how the militants propagate extremist ideas and urge people to join the path of Jihad – with the footage showing five extremists urging people to "respond to Allah" and "wake up and be part of the effort'.

Two or three of the militants seen in the video are thought to be Australians. One, who is identified as Brother Abu Yahya ash Shami and speaks with a strong Australian accent, is understood to have been killed shortly after making this video, according the description underneath his name that read: "Received shahadah fighting in the sawat in Al-Khayr (may Allah accept him)'.

See the video below:

The video, which has now gone viral on social media, comes as the Sunni extremists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group – which wants to create an extremist caliphate in areas including northern Iraq and parts of Syria – have led an aggressive rampage across the northern Iraq, capturing towns and cities in the past two weeks.

As the jihadists threaten to capture capital Baghdad, the Unites States has sent around 300 military advisers to make sure the beleaguered Iraqi army wakes up and recaptures their areas.

The 13-minute video posted online by ISIS, which encourages others to join their cause, is thought to have been recorded several weeks ago in Syria.

The ABC reports that one of the Australian men featured in the video was understood to be from Sydney and that his real family name is Raad. Members of the Raad family were convicted in 2008 of funding a terrorist organization.

The second man identified also as an Australian in the video is shown by a jihadi name, Abu Nour al-Iraqi, the last part of the name suggesting he possibly went to war in Iraq.

"In Australia, in America, the reasons for coming to jihad...are plenty," the man says in the video.

"When it comes to jihad there are two types of people," he says speaking from behind the mask, "Those who will fight every single excuse to come to jihad, and those who will fight every single excuse not to come to jihad."

The third man who is also thought to be an Australian is only pictured but does not speak, although at the end of the video, it is claimed that his testimony is "coming soon".

The video comes as the same jihadists stormed Twitter on Friday with ISIS propaganda ideas using the hastag #AllEyesOnISIS.

In the propaganda stunt, which could neither be moderated nor blocked, extremist fighters and jihadist supporters alike vowed to 'spread the truth' behind the crisis in Iraq and justified the current violence and bloodshed in Iraqi soil.