• Isis Hisba police seized two trucks full of chicken and destroyed them.ISIS Media/Twitter
  • The chicken bore the label of Koch Foods and clearly shows that it was Halal meat.ISIS Media/Twitter

At a time when millions across Syria are going hungry, the Islamic State (Isis) destroyed hundreds of boxes of US-made "halal" chicken meant for the refugee camps.

In the photo report, Isis fighters as well as children are seen throwing boxes labelled "Koch Foods" into fire in Aleppo region.

Justifying its action, Isis said it did so because the chicken was "Made in USA". The jihadist group further revealed that the chicken were "slaughtered unlawfully", hence, the boxes containing the meat were set on fire.  

The boxes shown in Isis' photo report bore the logo of Illinois-based Koch Foods and was clearly labelled as "halal" meat - which means "slaughtered according to Islamic law".

This incident has irked many on social media, especially as millions of Syrians are living in abject poverty, plagued by hunger. The situation in Syria is dire as more than 12 million people in the country are in need of humanitarian aid with the civil war in the country entering its fifth year. 

According to a UN-backed report, the crisis in Syria has plunged 80% of its citizens into poverty, reduced life expectancy by 20 years, and led to massive economic losses that have been estimated at over $200 billion.

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aha ‏@SyTahaZ

Death to the infidel chicken! #Syria|ns are starving, and #ISIS is bragging about destroying U.S. chickens.

Blazing CatFur ‏@Blazingcatfur

Koch brothers try to poison ISIS with non-Halal chicken

Lara Jakes ‏@larajakesFP

Fave story today. #ISIS: Never mind the starving Syrians; Death to the infidel chicken!

Abu Mohammed ‏@Raqqa_sl1 

#ISIS burns chicken slaughtered in islamic way coz it came from #USA while many syrians are died because the hunger

Karin Brulliard ‏@karinbrulliard 

Many Syrians are hungry; #ISIS Aleppo division destroys chicken from U.S.-based company