Director Sam Mendes' Hollywood movie "Spectre", which is the 24th installment in the James Bond series, has hit the screens across India four weeks after its UK release and received mixed reviews from the audiences.

Written by John Logan, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, "Spectre" deals with a cryptic message from the past that leads James Bond (Daniel Craig) to Mexico City and Rome. After infiltrating a secret meeting with the widow (Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal, Bond uncovers the existence of the sinister organization SPECTRE. As he gets into the heart of SPECTRE, he discovers a chilling connection between himself and the enemy (Christoph Waltz) he seeks.

The Indian audiences are impressed with the rich production values of "Spectre" and the performances of Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Naomie Harris, Monica Bellucci and others. Some say this is the most uncomplicated James Bond movie as it has simple story with less twist and turns and easy dialogues. Few viewers feel that it is lengthy and its climax is predictable.

After watching the movie, many film goers shared their verdict on their Twitter pages. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of 'Spectre' move review by audience.

Sreedhar Pillai ‏@sri50

#SPECTRE 3/5 Terrific action setpieces. Spectacular opening scene in Mexico City- explosions, building collapse & helicopter spinning. Nothing new story wise in the 24th Bond flick, once again the British spy 007 is trying to save the world.Villain is weak. #DanielCraig is rugged & deadly -man with licence to kill. Too long (2 hrs 28 minutes). #CasinoRoyale & #Skyfall worked better #SPECTRE in #IMAX - The IMAX experience is awesome ,crystal clear image and superior sound quality & a feeling that U r in the midst of it.

Joginder Tuteja ‏@Tutejajoginder

#Spectre - Out and out formula film. Strength - Simplicity. Goes as per the book. Gives what you expect. Weakness - Simplicity. Predictable #Spectre - Strength - Most easygoing Bond film. Doesn't need you to think hard at all. Weakness - Most easygoing Bond film. No twists/turns #Spectre - Strength - Opening helicopter sequence. Easy dialogues. Weakness - Climax helicopter sequence. Cliched dialogues. #Spectre - Strength - Bond girl (a Nikki Aneja lookalike). Weakness - Bond woman (Monica Bellucci, a Monica Bellucci lookalike)

Naresh bijarnia ?@naresh4098

#Spectre kicks off with a haunting message 'The dead are alive'. The background score of #Spectre is a bit generic. It does not do justice to the intense action scenes. The visuals accompanying the Bond theme are mesmorising. They are erotic yet highly aesthetic Witty one liners add life to the engaging narrative of #Spectre. "I am Mickey Mouse," says #DanielCraig in his trademark suave style. "A license to kill is also a license not to kill" kudos to the writers for coming up with such a simple yet intelligeny dialogue. The screenplay puts a lot of emphasis on establishing the emotional connects between the characters. The father-daughter track adds a lot of depth to the narrative of In a way, #Spectre is a bit similar to #RougueNation "Psychiatric wards are full of visionaries" another gem of a dialogue from the makers of #Spectre Christoph has given a sincere performance in #Spectre. But his act lacks intensity The tourture scenes in #Spectre are not for the faint of heart Monica Bellucci shares an excellent rapport with #DanielCraig. But she deserved a meatier part in #Spectre Daniel Craig's subdued yet intense dialogue delivery adds a lot of depth to portrayal of #JamesBond #Spectre depicts #JamesBond in a more humane light. #SamMendes deserves credit for living up to the high standards of the #JamesBond series. #Spectre is a treat for #JamesBond franchise. It works because of well etched characters and a compact screenplay

Ashok ₹eddy ‏@CAashokreddy

#Spectre The 1st act is AMAZING. One of,if not THE,best Bond openings ever & Writing's On the Wall was way better in the actual movie. Then the 2nd act strikes. Try not to fall asleep as it is soooooo BORING. Then the 3rd act happens and it is utter garbage. Craig is very likable but he can't save dumb, predictable, and cliche plot points. If it weren't for an incredible first act, this movie would suck.

RJ Vishnu ‏@RJVishnu

Saw #Spectre yesterday... I liked it... car chase was fab, so was the car... the opening shot and the intro of villain ,, fabulous 7/10 there was things which I thought was bad... may be they saw some old tamil rajni films and were inspired, but in totality. its good #Spectre Haa, you have to follow all the dialogues closely... but by now we are in track with the new line of film-making. so its intense #Spectre

Swapnil Bhosekar ‏@SwapnilBhosekar

#Spectre is classy, tighly scripted, only4BondFans tale. Niether as clever as CasinoRoyale nor as thrilling as Skyfall. #MovieReview 2.5/5*

Pankaj Bhadouria ‏@BhadouriaPankaj

It's personal now! #Skyfall and now #Spectre -The past comes haunting! He carries the burden, we the disappointment! Bond's magic missing!

Vishnuvardhan Kamana ‏@Ursvishnu

#spectre is good. Dont compare this movie with other bond movies. And minimize your over expectations. #spectre movie has been dragged a bit, hasnt touched the expectations

Ratna ‏@ 9ratna_9


RJ Sanil Gosavi ‏@SanilGosavi

Very very disappointed with #SPECTRE .. Expected to see something riveting & landed up getting something below average & boring.

Nikhil Arora ‏@nikhil_arora

It may not be Casino Royale or Skyfall but #Spectre is great fun. Loved the nods to the previous films.

Pratik Bhakta ‏@PratikBhaktaET

Watched #Spectre yesterday without my 10year old brother asking any uncomfortable qs thanks to #CensorBoard 4 taking the steam out

Amarnadh Varma ‏@Amar791849

James bond film, as always is fun to watch. #Spectre has brilliant Cast, A+ Production values, excellent photography & music score.

Vani Dixit ‏@VaniVoice

#PierceBrosnan -- " #Spectre was too long. The story was kind of weak. It's neither Bond nor Bourne." Title sequence was the best part.

SammyDRAMA ‏@ShettyONTHErun

#spectre pretty ordinary,for a movie of such value the villain and the end was a farce

Raj Thakkar ‏@rajthakkar77

#Spectre: So that's how The #British try to pull off a #MissionImpossible! Poor choice of year i would say, #RogueNation does it better!

Sujan Rao ‏@sujanrao

Watched the #SanskariJamesBond, the Indian Censor Board approved version of #Spectre. Typical Bond movie. Definitely watchable.


#Spectre is so boring and uninteresting..Weakest of the bond series....Not Worth

Ankita Gautam ‏@PerfectlyAnkit

#SPECTRE review: Daniel Craig's latest Bond film leaves us neither shaken, nor stirred ...

MARJET ‏@sreeramtej

Okay first half #spectre.. More drama than action.. Movie introduction , Car race are best parts in first half #spectre

Conspiracy Theorist ‏@paavanshukla

#Spectre Predictable. Poor story. Typical British humor, too less of it actually. Stunning locations and cinematography is just flawless. #Spectre Monica Bellucci should have been given a meatier role. And we really need a new Bond now! #Spectre looks like a ad film to portray British products. Be it Aston Martins, Omega, Jaguar, Range Rovers. Everything basically.

Arun Joson ?@josonarun

#SPECTRE 1st half: 1. The gun barrel sequence is back. 2. The new Aston Martin is magnificent 3. Monica Bellucci is wasted in the film #SPECTRE isn't a bad film, it's a bad #JamesBond film!!! Mr. Sam Mendes, this is how you make a Mission Impossible film! #SPECTRE

Deepak Khurana ‏@MaiKhelega

Spectre - Long, boring movie with no coherent story and some action scenes thrown in. #spectre #bond

Naresh Kota ‏@NK2VLNSK

The most boring whole story in Bond series ever .. Quantum of Solace to #Spectre .. Sam Mendis

Vignesh AVN ‏@VigneshAVN

#Spectre started great w/ the mystery element but had a predictable end. Brilliantly pictured and scored as always!

Srikanth Reddy.A ‏@srikanth2828

#DanielCraig weakest jamesbond movie. #Spectre Starts with a bang and never tries to reach that level. #Spectre is an interesting action movie but the story is too dry and long.

Ravindra Vasisht ‏@rvasisht

Just saw new #JamesBond film #Spectre. A tad too long, bit disconnected & for the loyal fan bit disappointing. If Daniel's last a poor exit

MitrajitBhattacharya ‏@MitrajitB

Watching #Spectre . Interval. Great first half. The opening sequence totally worth it. Lets see how it ends. #OMEGA007 #DanielCraig #007 Ok. Lets get out with it. I am a huge #JamesBond fan and I loved #Spectre . Fantastic integration for @omegawatches ...the best so far.