• Isis announces its presence in Rome.Twitter/SITE
  • Isis wants to establish its caliphate in EuropeTwitter/SITE
  • Isis in ItalyTwitter/SITE
  • Isis in ItalyTwitter/SITE
  • Isis in ItalyTwitter
  • Isis in ItalyTwitter

The Islamic State (Isis) supporters have posted several pictures from inside major Italian cities, 'announcing' the arrival of the Caliphate in Europe.

With landmarks in cities like Rome and Milan in the backdrop, the scripts over the images warn that Isis fighters are making their way to Italy to extend their reign of terror in the middle east and Africa.

A series of images posted by Isis supporters on Twitter show the militant group threatening to carry out a terror attack inside Italy. One of the photos warns in Arabic: "#Islamic State in Rome. Now is observing and locating for the target. Waiting for the zero hour". Rome's Colosseum can be seen in the background of the photo.

The images have emerged at a time when the Libyan intelligence warned that Isis is exploiting the Mediterranean refugee crisis to smuggle its fighters into Europe. The development is worrisome, Italy is just a short ride across the Mediterranean from Libya.

Another set of images were shot in front landmarks in Milan, including the city's cathedral, and the venue of the Expo. There are also images taken at major railway stations and outside police posts. The Isis supporters also posted a message saying, "Our goal is to make sure even Vatican is Muslim."

Isis Fighters Pose as Refugees 

Recent reports have found that Isis is smuggling its fighters into Europe along with migrants in boats sailing the Mediterranean from North Africa.

Abdul Basit Haroun, an adviser to the Libyan government, told the BBC that Isis fighters could be hiding among refugees entering Europe. The official said he had learnt about it from smugglers who are facilitating the clandestine travel.  

He added that Isis wants to exploit the confusion and ensure a safe cover to its fighters. "European police don't know who is from [Islamic State] and who is a normal refugee or not."  

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