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A report in Deccan Chronicle says that Ravi Shankar Prasad, newly-appointed law minister and his deputy P P Choudhary are fighting over a single bathroom located next to their rooms. In Picture: Prasad interacting with the media after taking charge as Union Minister for Law and Justice, in New Delhi on July 06, 2016.PIB India

In a strange irony, two ministers of the Narendra Modi government are engaged in a fight over who will have rights to a loo located next to their room in the law ministry situated in the capital's Shastri Bhawan.

Prasad was moved to the law ministry in the recent Cabinet reshuffle on July 5. P P Chaudhary was appointed as the minister of state, along with him. Both of them took charge of their respective portfolios a day later.

"It will be our foremost effort to strive for the objective that well qualified and most eligible persons join the judicial system," Prasad was quoted as saying in an official statement issued on July 6.

However, something else was brewing between the two Modi government ministers, writes a Delhi-based journalist. "Even before there could be any tension about the division of work, there are reports that a far more pressing matter is exercising the two ministers. Mr Prasad and his junior minister are locked in a battle to claim ownership of the single bathroom located next to their rooms," wrote Anita Katyal in her weekly column for the Deccan Chronicle

"Naturally, this has created problems for the staff which is caught in the crossfire. Last heard, plans were being worked out to construct another bathroom which is not an easy task since space is a big constraint in the ministry," she added.