• The thief was captured on CCTV camera on his bicycle when he came to the store. Philadelphia Police Department uploaded the video on YouTube on Wednesday.Screenshot/Youtube
  • The thief is standing behind a customerScreenshot/Youtube
  • He grabbed a banana from the side of the counter.Screenshot/Youtube
  • The thief pointed out the fruit, to the shopkeeper, keeping it inside his hooded sweatshirt disguised it as a handgun.Screenshot/Youtube
  • He then rode off his bicycle after taking cash and cigarettesScreenshot/Youtube

The Philadelphia Police Department has released a surveillance footage, which shows a robber, disguising a banana as gun to con the cashier of a local store.

According to the CCTV footage, the suspect managed to con a 24-year-old woman cashier of Tejada Grocery, reports Daily News. He grabbed a banana from the counter and held it in his right hand inside his sweatshirt, pointing the fruit as if it was a handgun.

The incident took place on Tuesday and the police uploaded the video on YouTube on Wednesday. It showed how the thief approached the counter and demanded for cigarettes and undetermined amount of money from the cashier. He then rode away in his bicycle, according to Reuters.

The surveillance tape of the store captured the whole scenario and the authorities have put it up on YouTube to catch the thief. It described the suspect as "a black male, 5'9" to 5'11" tall, 140lbs, thin build wearing a tan hooded sweatshirt with the red lettering 'Pacific Coast Hollister 19' on the front and black pants."

The police are still in search of the swindler armed with 'banana'. Check out the slideshow to know what exactly happened and also watch the video (released by Philadelphia Police Department) below to know more details.