• Hugo Chavez (July 1954 - 5 March 2013)Reuters
  • Online campaign sends Judy Garland's version of Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead to top spot following Margaret Thatcher's death.Reuters
  • Director Rituparno Ghosh Passes Awaywiki commons/bollywoodhungama
  • Jiah Khan committed suicide in June 2013Wikipedia
  • Pran (February 1920- 12 July 2013)wiki commons
  • Cory Monteithhttps://twitter.com/MrRPMurphy
  • Celebrated singer Manna Dey Dies at 94Wikipedia/ Dr Gautam Roy
  • The Fast and the Furious Star Paul Walker.Reuters
  • Nelson Mandela.Reuters
  • Designer of the World famous assault rifle, Mikhail Kalashnikov,died in Izhevsk, Udmurtia, on Monday at the age of 94.Reuters
  • Veteran Bollywood actor Farooq Sheikh passed away in DubaiWiki commons

From world leaders like Margaret Thatcher to artists like Rituparno Ghosh to influential celebrities, the world lost many of its beloved in 2013.

South Africa's 'Madiba', the leader of the country's anti-apartheid movement, Nelson Mandela also passed away this year. Upon his death, Mandela was hailed as the most significant leader the world has ever seen.

There were also celebrities who shocked the world with their unexpected deaths, from Jiah Khan, who committed suicide, to "Fast & Furious" star Paul Walker, who was killed in a car accident.

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