• New Isis propaganda video shows execution of at least 16 Coptic ChristiansISIS Media
  • The dreaded Islamic State militants have released a video purportedly showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians.SITE/ Twitter/Screen Shot

Isis in Libya released a new video on Sunday in which the Islamic State militants kill at least 16 Ethiopian Coptic Christians by shooting them from point-blank range.

The video bears much resemblance to Isis' Egyptian Coptic Christians' beheading video and shows dozens of men dressed in black jumpsuits kneeling on a sandy area. The execution of the Ethiopian Christians is believed to have taken place at an Isis stronghold referred to as 'Wilayat Barqa,' in eastern Libya.

The high-quality video, which has subtitles in French, English, Portugese and Russian, attempts to portray Christians as the enemy of Islam.

The almost 30-minute video titled "Until It came to Them - Clear Evidence" claims that Christians have lost their path by accepting the Trinity of God and thereby have given up on the single all-powerful God.

And "so our Prophet, our Lord's messenger, commanded us to fight you until you worship Allah alone or pay the jizyah," an Isis fighter quoting an Islamic verse says in the video.

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The video also contains interviews with local Libyan Christians who claim they will follow the rule as it is 'just' and 'righteous'. The Isis video also shows several Christians converting to Islam.

The video then moves to Isis fighters destroying the Cross on top of churches and throwing away pictures of Christian saints from homes of local Christians, who converted to Islam.

The rather gruesome video, which has several overlapping scenes from the beheading clip of 21 Coptic Christians, ends with Isis militants firing assault rifles at point-blank range at the Coptic Christians.

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