• Tanishq Abraham with his sister Tiara and parents after graduation ceremony.Twitter/Tanishq Abraham
  • Tanishq Abraham's graduation cap with "Toy Story" quote: "2 Infinity and Beyond."Twitter/Tanishq Abraham
  • Tanishq Abraham with his sister Tiara and mother Taji Abraham.Facebook/Tanishq & Tiara Abraham - adventures of child prodigy / child genius
  • Tiara and Tanishq Abraham at college campus during lunch break.Facebook/Tanishq & Tiara Abraham - adventures of child prodigy / child genius
  • Tiara and Tanishq Abraham enjoying a heart-shaped pizza with his family.Facebook/Tanishq & Tiara Abraham - adventures of child prodigy / child genius

This Indian-American child prodigy has apparently become the youngest to graduate and that too with three associate degrees from a United States college at the age of just 11.

Tanishq Abraham, donning his blue graduation cap with quote "2 Infinity and Beyond" on the top and gown, received his degrees in maths, science and foreign language studies at American River College in Sacramento (ARC), California on Wednesday.

Tanishq, born to an Indian-origin couple and now a native of Sacramento in California, has now not just one, but three aspirations – to become a doctor, medical researcher and the President of the United States.

"Of course I'm gonna get my MD, so I do wanna become a doctor, but I also wanna be a medical researcher, also the President of United States," Tanishq told NBC-affiliated television channel KCRA.

Sharing his feelings with KCRA, Tanishq said, "Even though the first time I came to college class, I wasn't really nervous, so this isn't much of a big thing for me".

Talking about his experience in the college and being the only child among the students over twice his age, Tanishq told KCRA, "some of them were intimidated and a lot of others were really happy that there's a kid in their class".

This child genius was born in June 2003 to software engineer Bijou Abraham and his wife Dr Taji Abraham, who belong to Kerala, India. He was home-schooled till the age of seven and he passed out from high school at the age of 10 in 2014.

"Even in kindergarten he was pretty ahead, a few years ahead — and then it just went from there," Taji told KCRA-TV.

He is not the only genius child of the Abrahams, but their nine-year-old daughter Tiara Thankam Abraham too is superior to others of her age and also is a good singer.

Both Tiara and Tanishq became members of the largest and oldest high IQ society, Mensa, at a very young age. While Tanishq scored 99.9% on Mensa-approved standardised IQ test, Tiara scored 99%.

The brother-sister duo not just share the intellectual space, but they even love to play video games together.

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