Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes gets a new update,

Gazillion Entertainment's MMORPG video game, Marvel Heroes received update 1.3 that added a new hero, Prestige Mode, Hero Synergy System, Legendary Quests, Team Insignias and others.

The game that saw a release in June 2013, will now be getting a new hero, Luke Cage who has "super strength, unbreakable skin, and ability to summon Heroes for Hire team mates," said the studio in a post on its official website.

This update has also added the Prestige Mode that allows for players to prove themselves. Players can go to Level 1 after they reach the max at level 60, where players can brag about their position in the game. Prestige heroes will have a different colors (Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Red) used in their name.

The Hero Synergy System allows players more character customizations, where they can unlock account-wide synergy bonuses at levels 25 and 50 on any hero of their choice. Every hero can be equipped with up to ten synergy bonuses, which includes Hulk's health bonus and Spider-Man's increased chance to dodge, giving players the access to more hero customizations.

The update also offers new Legendary Quests from none other than Odin, the Allfather of the gods, and the ruler of Asgard. Players who complete these quests are ably rewarded and "allows players to craft Legendary Blessings for their artifacts." The following are the blessings to craft players artifacts.

  • Legendary Blessing of Baldur
  • Legendary Blessing of Fandral
  • Legendary Blessing of Frigga
  • Legendary Blessing of Heimdall
  • Legendary Blessing of Hela
  • Legendary Blessing of Hogun
  • Legendary Blessing of Loki
  • Legendary Blessing of Odin
  • Legendary Blessing of Sif
  • Legendary Blessing of Volstagg

The new update to Marvel Heroes adds Team Insignias to the game. A hero can wear the insignia if they were a member of the group in the past and even honorary members can wear one. Any hero can wear S.H.I.E.L.D. team insignia. These insignias give out an aura of their own and rarer versions more powerful, the official post said.