• Luke Hemmings Turns 19 on Thursday, 16 July.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • He began his journey to the world of entertainment by uploading cover versions of popular songs.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • The first video posted by Hemmings is the second single of Mike Posner “Please Don't Go”.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • The young heartthrob teamed up with drummer Ashton Irwin and bass guitarist Calum Hood to form the popular Australian pop punk band 5 Seconds of Summer.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • He is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the music band.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • Hemmings writes most of the songs for the band with his teammate Calum Hood.Instagram/Luke Hemmings
  • He was nominated as the Fittest Boy on the Planet for We Love Pop Awards 2014.Instagram/Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings, the lead vocalist of Australian pop rock band "5 Seconds of Summer" (5SoS), celebrates his 19th birthday on Thursday, 16 July.

Born in 1996 to Andrew Hemmings and Liz Hemmings, the celeb has two siblings, Ben and Jack. His mother is a maths teacher and calls him the 'master of losing things'.

The singer became popular through various cover versions of popular songs uploaded by him on You Tube. He posted his first video on 3 February, 2011 and it was the second single by Mike Posner "Please Don't Go".

While attending Norwest Christian College, the singer teamed up with Michael Clifford and Calum Hood to form the music band "5 Seconds of Summer". Drummer Ashton Irwin joined the group on 3 December, 2011.

The young heartthrob is also the rhythm guitarist of the band and writes most of the songs along with Hood.

Some of the songs written by him are: "Don't Stop", "Kiss Me Kiss Me", "Heartbreak Girl", "Rejects" "Lost Boy", "Try Hard", "Out Of My Limit" and "Wrapped Around Your Finger".

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