• Lee Gi-kwang was born in 1990.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • The celeb had passion for hip hop at a very young age.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • The singer entered the world of music when he was a teenager.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • His music career kicked-off through South Korean record label Cube Entertainment.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • He was trained under JYP Entertainment before joining Cube Entertainment.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • While kwang was a solo singer, he was known by the stage name "Ace Junior" (AJ).Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • The celeb released his first mini album on 4 April 2009.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • Name of his first album is 'First Episode A New Hero'.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • kwang was part of Lady Gaga's Korean showcase on 17 June 2009.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang
  • kwang celebrates his 25th birthday on Monday, 30 March.Twitter/Lee Gi-kwang

South Korean singer Lee Gi-kwang, who is the lead vocalist and main dancer of boy band Beast, celebrates his 25th birthday on Monday, 30 March.

Born in Naju, South Korea, the celeb has been interested in singing from a very young age. With the support of his family, he entered the world of music as a solo singer and released his first album titled 'First Episode: A New Hero' on 4 April 1990.

His stage name Ace Junior (AJ) triggered many controversies after netizens expressed their dissatisfaction over him being known by the same name as singer Kim Jae-Seop.

After serving South Korean record label Cube Entertainment for a few months, he joined boy band Beast and the group released its first single 'Bad Girl' on 16 October 2009.

Gi-kwang was also part of several TV shows, including 'High Kick Through the Roof', 'Idol Maid', 'Hot Brothers', 'Win Win', 'My Princess', 'Inkigayo', 'Me Too, Flower!', 'Invincible Youth 2' and 'Running Man'.

The celeb won the popularity award at the MBC Entertainment Awards 2010 for his role in 'Hot Brothers' and he also received the Best New Actor award during the MBC Drama Awards 2011 for portraying Geon Lee in 'My Princess'.

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