• American socialite Kim Kardashian arrives at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles August 28, 2011.Reuters
  • Paris Hilton poses for photographers while wearing an Indian-inspired dress during a news conference in Mumbai September 24, 2011.Reuters
  • Candice Boucher during the music release of her Bollywood film "Azaan"(2011.)official site
  • Mexican actress Barbara Mori played the lead role in Anurag Basu’s film “Kites”(2010).Reuters
  • 10 Hot Female Celebs Who Posed For PlayboyReuters
  • Australian pop star Kylie Minogue.Reuters

American socialite Kim Kardarshian wants Farah Khan to choreograph her dances in her Bollywood debut venture.

"Farah did confirm that Kim's agent had contacted her saying she was keen on doing an item number in her film," reported The Times of India.

Earlier, in her Dubai visit, the 31-year-old American socialite had expressed that she would love to act in Bollywood films with Shah Rukh Khan.

Another American socialite, Paris Hilton, also has expressed her interest to work in Bollywood films. Hilton told reporters while she was in Mumbai that she was "waiting for a right script."

Very recently, South African model Candice Boucher acted in director Prashant Chadha's "Aazan"(2011).  Mexican actress Barbara Mori played the lead role in Anurag Basu's film "Kites"(2010), Croatian- American actress Denise Richards lip locked with Akshay Kumar in "Kambhaqt Ishq"(2009) and Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue sang "Chiggy Wiggy" song with Akshay Kumar in "Blue"(2009).

Here are some international celebrities who have already worked in Bollywood films and some others who want to enter Bollywood.

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