After making a stunning debut with "Duniya", director Duniya Soori continued to deliver hits like "Inthi Ninna Preethiya" and "Jackie". But his last two films failed to live up to the expectations.

He has now returned with "Kendasampige" starring newcomers Vicky and Manvitha. It is a tried-and-tested story of a rich girl, Gowri (Manvitha) falling in love with a poor boy, Ravi (Vicky) to the chagrin of her mother. 

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Fake encounter specialist DCP Suryakanth (Prakash Belawadi) is hired to put an end to Gowri-Ravi's love. The story turns interesting with Soori bringing a parallel story interwoven with the main story.

The screenplay of "Kendasampige" is well-written and it maintains the curiosity level high throughout the movie. Suri has blended the artistic and commercial ingredients to churn out an edge-of-the-seat thriller. Though riddled with commercial elements, the smart narration keeps you glued to the seats.

The casting is perfect and Prakash Belawadi steals the show as cop. Sathya Hegde's cinematography is top notch and V Harikrishna's music cannot be better.

Below, read what leading websites have to say about "Kendasampige".

Bangalore Mirror Writes: Just like the flower, Kendasampige's fragrance remains long after watching it. Do not miss this film for anything. Read Complete Review...

Deccan Chronicle Writes: A careful writing has led to a griping experience, which is evident from the scene one evoking suspense and then the twists and turns without a slightest disturbance to the joyful ride. Read Complete Review...

Chitraloka Writes: The film is a love story woven around a road film and thriller plot. It is an edge-of-the-seat thriller and at the same time you get to see artistic touch to each scene. Even though it is a commercial film, you cannot but wonder how nicely Suri gives it a realistic touch. Read Complete Review...

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