'iZombie" has been on a hiatus since the airing of season 1 finale episode "Blaine's World", which not only tied up many story arcs that were dealt with throughout the season, but also opened up a whole new avenue for season 2.

The humanisation of Blaine (David Anders) – someone who relished being a zombie – and bringing Major (Robert Buckley) back to life are two things that the antagonist cannot forgive Liv (Rose McIver) for, and it will be fun to see him take on the villainous character in the coming season. It is also going to be interesting to see how he manages his lucrative brain-selling business as a human.

According to the creators, he will pretend he is still a zombie. "This second season is going to be fun for me to play with because we are humanising him, quite literally," Anders said at the San Diego Comic-Con 2015. So, fans can expect to see Blaine powder his face instead of tanning it.

Some of Blaine's family members will also be introduced in season 2, so viewers will get to know what turned him into an over-entitled rich boy. In fact, the show is already looking to cast a male character Angus, who will portray the "polished, articulate, sardonic, wealthy and most importantly, disapproving father" of Blaine.

Even Liv's father, who hasn't made an appearance in "iZombie", will be introduced in season 2, and according to co-creator Rob Thomas, they have a really good back-story in place for him.

"We kept him intentionally unmentioned because we hadn't worked out how we wanted to bring him in or what we wanted to do with him," he explained.

Actor Adam Rose has also been hired to play the role of Brypn McCoy in "iZombie". His character has been described as a "sensitive hipster prone to wearing ironic t-shirts and passionate about the arts", who has some incriminating information regarding a murder. 

You can watch CW series when it returns starting 6 October with season 2 premiere episode; till then, visit our site for regular updates on "iZombie".