Apple iWear, prototype explains how the future portable Apple devices would be
Apple iWear, prototype explains how the future portable Apple devices would beSunfer Ho

Apple introduced their first ever wearable device, iWatch in early September this year. Though the iPhone manufacturer has announced it to be rolling out by spring next year, several new prototypes are coming out how the future Apple devices will look like.

Smartwatch has the true potential and for sure the future computing devices-cum smartphone will be transformed into wearables only.

Meanwhile, a China-based designer Sunfer Ho has introduced a new prototype of future Apple devices. The prototype features several brilliant additions which would make wearable essential for every smartphone and tablet users.

In her prototype, Ho illustrates the product will be fit in flexible PCB along with a flexible screen, flexible battery and will also incorporate magnetic material for constructing the device. She also explains the encasing should be flexible enough to wear on the wrist.

Featuring a 3D camera, microphone and a speaker, the future iWear device will also be capable of motion sensor gaming. Putting the additional wow factor in the device, the designer suggests a miniscule projector should be integrated on this flexible device.

The iWear Smartwatch may also feature an arc finishing with curved bevels. In her design, she explains the future iWear will be able to snap images while wrapped on the wrist. The Smartwatch will also be able to project presentation and allow multiple users to play motion sensor gaming by sticking it on the wall.

Apple should be thrilled to fashion this design to transform their iPad and iPhones into it. Imagine the future when a bangle will allow you to click images, play games, give presentation, surf the web, check mails, write tweets and communicate with your dear ones without holding or carrying a device.

  • The smartwatch will integrate 3d camera, motion sensor abilities and a flexible displaySunfer Ho
  • The device will allow you to project presentation, play motion sensor gaming and a lot moreSunfer Ho
  • It will also feature flexible display, battery and designSunfer Ho
  • It will also allow you to click while wrapping and project on the desk.Sunfer Ho
  • And to make fun with friends by playing motion sensor gamings.Sunfer Ho
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