• An image of Kim Yo-jong, North Korean leader's younger sister wearing a wedding band has gone viral.Twitter
  • Kim Yo-jong has mostly avoided media attention and there are only few select images of her available online.Twitter
  • North Korean leader Kim Jong-unReuters

A picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong, sporting a wedding ring in her first public appearance after she tied the knot last year has gone viral. The beautiful 28-year-old is the youngest sister of the Kim Jong-un and is being groomed for playing a major role in governance in the country.

Though news about her wedding has been doing the rounds since October, there was no confirmation until now. The North Korean state media reportedly released the image of Kim Yo-jong wearing a wedding band on Friday.

Korean news agency Yonhap News Agency stated that the photos of Jong-un's sister wearing the wedding ring were released to the media following her visit to a Pyongyang orphanage on New Year's Day. Yo-jong reportedly was accompanied by the North Korean leader.

It is reported that Kim Yo-jong, who is the deputy director of the Workers' Party, got married to the son of the party's secretary Choe Ryong-hae. Choe reportedly is said to be the most powerful official in the communist nation and is backed by the 'supreme leader' Jong-un.

Yo-jong reportedly married Choe's second son Choe Song.

Ahn Chan-il, an official of the World Institute for North Korean Studies in Seoul, told a South Korean tabloid in October that as per the custom among the ruling elite, the wedding ceremonies are often held on a national holiday.

Chan-il suggested that the young woman might have gotten married on 9 September (North Korea's founding day) or 10 October, (Worker Party's anniversary).

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