• In defiance to the airstrikes by Egypt, Isis militants carried out a parade around the coastal cities of Derna and Sirte in LibyaISIS Media
  • Isis Libya convoys pass through the streets of Libya as its fighters aim their guns to the sky in defiance to the air strikes by Egypt.ISIS Media
  • Isis released a brutal video showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians.Dabiq/Issue 7

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a security tour on Libya border on Wednesday warned of taking stern measures against the Islamic State in Libya, which killed 21 Egyptian Christians.

Sisi, along with Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi, visited an air base near the border with Libya and interacted with the fighter pilots, who led the assault against the Islamic State targets in the neighbouring country.

"He (Sisi) stressed that Egypt will continue to confront firmly any attempts aimed at compromising its national security," Reuters quoted a statement by army spokesman Brigadier General Mohammad Samir.

Early on Monday, Egypt for the first time launched a massive strike against Isis targets inside Libya, after the militants beheaded 21 Coptic Christians.

Egypt launched a major offensive against Isis after the video released by Islamic State showed the Egyptian hostages being beheaded.

The pre-dawn air strike launched by the Sisi government hit several training camps, militant bases and weapons storage areas held by Isis in the North African country.

Isis Libya's Show of Defiance

The Islamic State militants in Libya in response to the air strikes by the Egyptian air force carried out a parade around the coastal cities of Derna and Sirte to show its defiance. Hundreds of Isis militants were seen parading through the streets of Libya in open convoys.

At one point the entire convoy is seen passing by a beach that seems to have a similar terrain seen in the Isis video showing the decapitation of 21 Egyptian hostages.

The lives of over a million Egyptians living in the oil-producing Libya is now at risk. Recent reports have found that Isis and its affiliates have kidnapped at least 35 people from Egypt in response to the recent air strikes. 

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