Rovio Entertainment has released a new game called Angry Birds Action! from the popular Angry Birds franchise. It is a fast-moving pinball arcade smasher developed by Tag Games and it brings a whole new kind of 360 entertainment experience.

Angry Birds Action! comes a couple weeks before 'The Angry Birds Movie' is released. Rovio launched Angry Birds 2 last year following the success of the original.

"In the latest Angry Birds symphony of destruction, leader of the flock Red smashes and crashes through obstacles and bounces from wall to wall like a wrecking ball – all in the name, of course, of saving precious and fragile eggs," reads the statement by Rovio.

"Along the way, players unlock exclusive additional content by going to see The Angry Birds Movie on opening weekend, and also play augmented-reality mini-games and earn new rewards by scanning special BirdCodes located out in the real world," it added.

The Angry Birds Action! is free to download for iPhones and Android devices though optional in-app purchases are available. Players are reminded to have the permission of the bill payer before making any in-app purchases. 

Rovio has said that audience with the game open on their device while watching The Angry Birds Movie will get treated to more Movie Magic – a whole new area of the game to explore and an additional exclusive movie clip.

"With The Angry Birds Movie coming soon, Angry Birds Action! brings the brand back full circle to its mobile origins, while also creating with our partners a new type of entertainment experience altogether," said Kati Levoranta, Rovio CEO.

"We have put the Angry Birds characters and story at the center of a truly 360-degree experience this summer, bringing the storyworld to life in a new way both for our heavily engaged fanbase and newcomers alike," adds Miika Tams, VP Games.