• Jules' Undersea Lodge in Florida is an underwater hotel 30 ft deep on the ocean floor. One of the interesting part of the hotel is that one has to scuba dive to enter their rooms.Screenshot/Youtube
  • Capsule Hotel in Netherlands is 4.24 metres in diameter and is located in The Hague. It is basically for three people and has an emergency chemical toilet inside.Screenshot/Youtube
  • Das Park in Austria is a hotel which is placed in a public park. The rooms are constructed from re-purposed concrete drain pipes and can be booked anonymously on the internet. Owner Andreas Strauss says the hotel is a hospitality project on a "pay as you wish" basis, a system where customers pay what they can afford.Reuters
  • Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho is been made in the shape of a beagle. The local residents named it Sweet Willy. The hotel has become a famous landmark of the state, which also provides dog-themed contents.Screenshot/Youtube
  • The Winvian Cottages in Connecticut is one of the creatively built cottages in Morris. Each cottage has its own unique designs, like helicopter, lighthouse, cave and many more.Screenshot/Youtube
  • Capsule Inn, Tokyo is a capsule shaped hotel in Japan. The hotel has 100 capsule rooms, each equipped with an LCD TV, WiFi connection, a computer desk, a dresser and comfortable bedding. Staying in one of these 2-by-1 meter, 1.2-meter high capsule rooms costs 45 Yuan ($7.2) per day during the off season and 80 Yuan during peak season.Reuters
  • The Schneedorf in Austria is a giant Igloo hotel surrounded by a skiing resort. They provide sheepskin cover mattresses to the guests.Screenshot/Youtube
  • Alcatraz Hotel in Germany is a hotel built in a form of prison. The jail hotel offers a total of 57 rooms with original carceral beds, lattice bars and pass-through the heavy steel doors. Guests can sleep in convict uniform pajamas and enjoy their drinks in 'Behind Bars' ('Hinter Gittern') bar.Reuters
  • Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is a hotel known for its wide range of innovative themes. Each room has a touch of art and do not have television or radio. The themes of the rooms, such as castle, forest, museum, etc, are decorated beautifully.Screenshot/Youtube
  • Utter Inn or Otter Inn in Sweden is a hotel which provides accommodation underwater. The entry to the rooms is through a small house located on the surface of water.Screenshot/Youtube

As the world opens up to creative ideas with the advent of Internet, people have started applying different ways to make new innovation. They like to be unique and thus find out ideas to get a name.

From under the ocean to an igloo and from jail theme to dog-shaped structure, architects have moved ahead with their creativity in building hotels. Such theme-based hotels are not only different in structure but provide luxurious stay for the visitors.

Check out the above slideshow of such wackiest hotels in the world.