Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 will release on Oct

DICE has announced the details of 900 unique rewards it will offer along with its upcoming FPS game, Battlefield 4.

It has detailed the system of ranks and upgrades for players spending large amount of their time on the game.

The studio said in its latest blog post, that it will be offering some goals, which start form rank one and go up to 100 to multiplayer gamers. The ultimate goal of the players will be to reach the rank of Colonel to score a total of 100.

If players reach the score of 16, they become Sergeant. At the score of 20, they will reach Sergeant 5 and when they gain a score of 21, players will be promoted to Staff Sergeant. There is a direct relationship between the accumulated score and multiplayer career.

But the game does not end when a player attains the Colonel tag as the rank players will have new items to collect, the post said.

For every Ribbon earned, the players will get equivalent medals. Ribbons can be earned by all the four classes Recon, Support, Assault and Engineer. Taking dog tags from other soldiers was a popular thing in Battlefield 3 and this new game will also feature the return of Service Stars that show dedication of the player in a specific area. Players can earn 130 unique Service star and it can be obtained 100 times.

The scoring system in Battlefield is an influential aspect of the Battlefield 4 since it is directly related to ranking up and gaining new weapons, gadgets, and accessories. Players will be rewarded even if they fail to capture the flag.

There are 45 multiplayer assignments available for players which are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons.

Battlefield 4 will be releasing on 29 October for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.