• The celeb began his journey to the world of music at a very young age.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • He participated in several music festivals during his school days and won an award at a local rock festival.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • ‘Call Me Baby’ singer became part of SM Entertainment’s Chinese South Korean boy band in 2011 while he was preparing himself for college musical entrance exams.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • The celeb was introduced to the public on 30 January 2012.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • He is one of the main vocalists of K-Pop boy band EXOInstagram/Baekhyun
  • Baekhyun is a big fan of South Korean singer Jung Ji-Hoon, who is popularly known as Rain.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • The singer aims at emulating Rain's ‘well-rounded’ success.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • The celeb portrayed his acting skills through SM C&C ‘s Korean adaptation of popular musical ‘Singin' in the Rain’.Instagram/Baekhyun
  • He is also part of popular Korean music show ‘Inkigayo’ since February 2014.Instagram/Baekhyun

Byun Baekhyun, one of the South Korean members of K-Pop boy band EXO, celebrates his 23rd birthday on Wednesday, 6 May.

Although the "Call Me Baby" singer is yet to reveal his plans for the day, admirers are excited about it and they have already started sending him birthday wishes on various social media platforms.

Born in 1992 at Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, the celeb rose to fame through SM Entertainment's popular music band. Currently, he has more than three million followers on Instagram and is one of the most popular Korean singers.

Apart from being the lead vocalist of the group, he is also known for his role in SM C&C 's Korean adaptation of popular musical "Singin' in the Rain" and music show "Inkigayo".

The celeb is likely to make his movie debut through upcoming film "Dokgo", wherein he will be playing the role of a young boy who tries to take revenge from his twin brother. He is also expected to appear in an upcoming episode of KBS 2TV's "Superman is Back".

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