• Bradley S Perry and Sabrina CarpenterInstagram/Sabrina Carpenter
  • Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley PerryInstagram/Bradley Perry
  • Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley PerryInstagram/Bradley Perry
  • Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley PerryInstagram/Sabrina Carpenter
  • Sabrina Carpenter and Bradley S PerryInstagram/Bradley S Perry
  • Bradley S Perry and Sabrina Carpenter in DisneylandInstagram/Bradley S Perry

We saw the love between "Girl Meets World" star Sabrina Carpenter and "Good Luck Charlie" star Bradley Steven Perry developed over the months, and we fell in love with them as a couple as well. And just when we thought "Brabrina" could be the next "Brangelina", some reports suggest that the couple might split up.

From giving each other piggy back rides, to making faces together in a photo-booth, Bradley and Sabrina are our quintessential teenage couple. Even Sabrina's BFF and "GMW" co-star Rowen Blanchard approved of their relationship.

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On Sabrina's birthday, Bradley stole our hearts with this cute message: "Happy birthday to my best friend. You mean the world to me b."

Sabrina had also addressed the relationship and expressed her happiness at fans "shipping Brabrina".

"It's so cute that the fans are so supportive of us. I know that people have different opinions and of course they ship the show characters, but honestly I'm just having a good time and I'm glad they like it. They can ship whatever they want. They can ship me and Zac Efron, whatever they want! It's up to their imaginations, but what's real is real, and I'm happy," Calassicalite quoted her as saying.

And now, when we are head over heels in love with this couple, they break up? The young stars' instagram feeds, which used to be filled with each other's photos and messages of love, are now void of anything of the sort. Some reports have claimed that long distance caused the couple to drift apart.

Regardless, we are still on Team Brabrina, and are hoping that Bradley and Sabrina are still together. How can we not, with all that adoration oozing out of the photos on top?

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