• Blue Ivy dressed as the King of Pop Michael JacksonInstgram/JayZ
  • Mommy Beyonce joins in as Janet JacksonInstagram/Beyonce
  • Blu Ivy trying hide in her daddy's lapInstagram/JayZ
  • Blue Ivy cruising with a friend.Instagram/JayZ
  • Adorable Blue Ivy at aunt Solange's wedding.Instagram/Beyonce
  • Daddy's girlInstagram/JayZ
  • Adorable Blue Ivy taking a nap.Instagram/Beyonce
  • Taking a stroll with daddy Jay Z at the beach.Instagram/Beyonce
  • In case you miss her, she has a personalised jacket tooInstagram/JayZ
  • The happy Carter family after Beyonce's performance at the VMAs 2014.Instagram/JayZ

Blue Ivy Carter may just be celebrating her third birthday this year, but the little fashionista is already an enigma across the world. Even before she was born, the only child of R&B power-couple became a sensation when Queen Bey displayed her baby bump at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs).

Born on 7 January 2012, Blue Ivy is also the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart. Two days after she was born dad Jay Z released "Glory", a song that depicted the power couple's pregnancy struggles, including a previous miscarriage. Blu Ivy's cries were included at the end of the song and she is credited as "BIC" on "Glory", which debuted at rank 74 on the Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.

At 3 years old, Blue Ivy has also visited more place than most people do in an entire lifetime. The Carters family had spent the Christmas in Thailand, where the adorable Blue Ivy fed baby tiger with a baby bottle. 

Before that, the family holidayed in Iceland to celebrate Jay Z's 45th birthday. Beyonce had posted the photos of the power couple riding an automobile through the snow and flying in a helicopter, on her instagram account.

Rapper Jay Z managed to elicit many "aww"s and "ooohs" with the birthday tribute album he made for Beyonce's 33rd Birthday. One can only imagine the extravagant party and gifts that is coming  the way of little Blue Ivy. 

If her second princess-themed birthday party is anything to go by, one can expect anything from pet tigers, monkeys and snakes to face-painting.