Dogs Clubbed to Death for Meat: Undercover Video Sheds Light on Animal Cruelty in China

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A video released by investigators of Animal Equality, an activits group for animal rights, exposed the horrors of a slaughterhouse in China wherein an estimated 30,000 canines are killed everyday for meat trade.

Dogs Clubbed to Death for Meat: Undercover Video Throws Light on China’s Animal Cruelty

The video, which was recorded surreptitiously, showed dogs being clubbed and drained off their blood while still in an conscious state. The shocking images released by the group exposed the cruelty in China's meat trade industry. According to reports, most of these dogs were stolen from homes.

Bernard Rollin, professor of animal sciences and biomedical sciences at Colorado university said, "This video of dog slaughterhouses is the worst, the most evil and horrific I have seen in my life."

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A study conducted in May 2011 by a research organisation discovered that the China's rising demand for dog meat had led to stealing of dogs from homes, especially from the rural areas.

"Consumers risk their health if they eat dog meat, as none of the dogs (stolen from villages) had undergone quarantine procedures before they went missing," said Guo Peng, a professor at the School of Philosophy and Social Development of Shandong University, who runs the research group, reported The China Daily.

The video which was shot in the slaughterhouses of Jiangmen and Zhanjiang showed workers slitting a dog's neck and leaving it to die by a grimy area filled with blood. It also showed several stuffed in small cages, awaiting their fate.

Dogs Clubbed to Death for Meat: Undercover Video Throws Light on China’s Animal Cruelty

Dog meat consumption is popular in most regions of China and the only one place where it has been prohibited is Hong Kong. Such shocking stories of animal cruelty were earlier brought to light ,but the country is yet to draft animal protection laws.

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