Bizarre Animal Friendships: World’s Most Amazing and Outstanding Bonds [PHOTOS]

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Have you ever heard of the surprising bonding between dogs, cats, birds and other animals? Yes, it's true that animals make the most unlikely friendships on earth that will leave us wondering, "Even we can't get along like that".

In her book titled "Unlikely Friendship", Jennifer Holland tells a heartwarming tale of animals which bond in the most unexpected ways. Holland, a National Geographic magazine writer, documented 47 remarkable stories of animals that have nothing in common but share a strong sense of kinship unlike any other.

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Over the years, animal lovers have captured amazing and unforeseen moments of the bizarre friendships that exist in the animal world.  

Here are a couple of snapshots, from a cat caring for a mouse to a chimpanzee feeding milk to a 60-day-old tiger cub, that define friendship in its own way:

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