• A Syrian boy who was featured in a humanitarian video two years ago now seems to have joined the Isis.Twitter/Isis
  • A boy who previously in a video interviewed has blamed Assad for destroying his home and killing his family, seems to have joined Isis.Twitter/Isis

A Syrian boy, who was previously seen in a video crying and lamenting about President Bashar al-Assad destroying his house, is now believed to have joined the ranks of the Islamic State (Isis) terrorists.

The video, which was recorded at least two years ago, featured a roughly 6 or 7 years old boy, who was approached by a local activist. The name of the boy is yet to be ascertained. Several Twitter accounts affiliated to the Isis claimed that the boy "looked healthy" after joining the Isis.

In the YouTube video, titled "A cry from a Syrian boy to negligent UN & global dead conscience", the boy asks Assad what was his crime that the president got his house destroyed.

"We have no water, we are standing around debris looking for water. What is it that we have done to Bashar? What is our sin? We did nothing," the boy seen crying in the short footage says.

The boy, who then looked visibly malnourished, says addressing Bashar: "You have looted our homes, killed our families, we have no food and we are always searching for water."

The  tearful boy angrily concludes that he is waiting for the day to meet the Syrian president as that day he will make "Bashar gets slapped by my shoes".

Keeping to his ominous promise, the young boy now seems to have joined the ranks of the radical Islamic State militants in Raqqa.

The boy was recently spotted in an Isis propaganda video, wherein he can be seen taking part in military drills along with other young boys armed with rocket launchers and AK47s.

The Isis boot camps are training zones, where the "cubs of the caliphate" are brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers.

In the video, the Syrian boy is seen pledging his allegiance to the Isis and claims that he is ready for a 'martrydom' operation, which is just euphemism for a suicide bomber.

According to executive director of children's charity WarChild, Rob Williams, the Isis is trying to "weaponise" the children. Children have been the worst affected due to the Syrian conflict, where "those living off on the conflict" have used the children for killing, rape and even recruited them as child fighters, Williams told The Daily Mail.

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