Religion has always been a touchy subject in India. In recent times even more so. Often it's content which gets caught in the fight between right and wrong, ideological and identity debates. Godman a Tamil show produced by ZEE5 is receiving enormous criticism over promoting anti-Hindu sentiments.

After a huge debate broke out online on the nature and intent behind the content of the show, producers have taken down the teaser and are looking at complaints about offending the sentiments of the Hindu community. 


Godman teaser gets taken down after backlash over hurting Hindu sentiments

The ZEE5 Tamil show Godman recently dropped its teaser only to be taken down hours later. The show directed Babu Yogeswaran starring Sonia Agarwal, Daniel Balaji and Jayaprakash was supposed to release on June 12th on ZEE5 but now that looks unlikely. The show created a huge stir with its trailer as many from the Hindu community found the dialogues and the content to be in bad taste.

The show has been heavily criticised online for showing Brahmins in a bad light. Many took offence to the dialogues and the nature of the explicit content. The teaser was taken down soon after as Hindu organisations raised voices against showing Brahmins in poor light on Twitter

The Thamizhnadu Brahmin Association wrote to the CM of Tamil Nadu seeking the teaser to be banned. Jayam JSK Gopi of the Hindu Religious Party said while talking to News Today, said that this was an attempt to demean Hindu faith, furthering adding that complaints were going to be lodged on all 'legal forums'. 

In response to the wave of criticism, ZEE5 Support tweeted, "ZEE5's latest Tamil fiction show - GODMAN, is not against any specific community, caste or religion. On the contrary, the content showcased is in the interest of the public at large, in order to keep them well-informed and aware about all aspects across the society." They followed it up with, "The producers, show & platform, have no intent to offend any religious sentiments." However, fuel has been added to the fire. 

It's a known fact that a show seizes to be fiction once in public eyes, the reality of the show depends on how viewers perceive it. There was previously much debate over whether or not the show is based on the controversial Godman Nithyananda. Perhaps, in India, for now, Gods and godmen are best left alone.