Yuddham Sharanam
Yuddham Sharanam

Director Krishna Marimuthu's Telugu movie Yuddham Sharanam starring Naga Chaitanya, Srikanth, Lavanya Tripathi, has received mixed review and ratings from the audiences.

Yuddham Sharanam is a romantic action thriller film, which has been written by debutante director Krishna Marimuthu alongwith David R. Nathan. Sai Korrapati and his wife Rajani have bankrolled the movie under his banner Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram. The film has been awarded a 'U/A' certificate from the censor board and it has a runtime of 2 hours 21 minutes.

Yuddham Sharanam revolves around the story of a youth (Naga Chaitanya), who quits his job to make long-distance drones. He lands in problem, when crosses the path of a powerful criminal (Meka Srikanth) with destructive motives that the police are trying to capture. How he fights against the gangster forms the crux of the story.

Naga Chaitanya has done a brilliant job and his performance is one of the highlights of Yuddham Sharanam. Lavanya Tripathi has done justice to roles and Chemistry with Naga is good, say the viewers

Srikanth appears as a baddie and his look and performance are other big highlights of the film. Rao Ramesh, Revathi, Murali Sharma, Priyadarshi Pullikonda and Ravi Varma are also assets of the film, say the audiences.

Yuddham Sharanam has good production values. Vivek Sagar's songs and background score, Niketh Bommireddy's picturisation, choreography of action and dance are the attractions on the technical front, say the viewers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of Yuddham Sharanam review and ratings by the audiences.

Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#YuddhamSharanam 1st half is Average to Abv Average. Going at a good pace but nothing new in story and screenplay wise. NC is doing good. #YuddhamSharanam Overall Average to Abv Avg. 1st Half was Decent but in the 2nd Half pace slowed down and was predictable. NC did his best

B.Abhishek‏ @maverix111

First half done ..has nothing new to offer ..the melodramatic family episodes as flashback r bit boring too ..bland so far #YuddamSharanam The serious parts of the film are better comparatively ...on expected lines ...hope second half has the much needed thrills to sustain. Second half is lot better ..Though not many high moments as such, has a decent flow..still something missing..not bad .. #YuddhamSharanam. SSS ka first half and Yuddham Sharanam ka second half combined would make a better movie in fact

Yashwanth‏ @ya5hw4nthl

#YuddhamSharanam for the 1st half tried to be intense. @chay_akkineni and @Itslavanya were great on the silver screen. Let's GO for the 2nd. Actor Srikanth in a negative role was written powerful, but the execution should have been more strenuous. #YuddhamSharanam. Although the film was going somewhere wearily, personally it was thrilling and entertaining. #YuddhamSharanam @chay_akkineni @Itslavanya

Srinivas Vadlamudi‏ @svadlamu

#YuddhamSharanam Just watched the premiere. Nicely written & directed thriller! Chay emoted well in scenes with @Itslavanya #YuddhamSharanam @VaaraahiCC 's production, @krishnammuthu's direction, Vivek Sagar's music, Niketh's camera & @chay_akkineni - Thriller!!

LokeshFan - NY‏ @LokeshFan

#YudhamSharanam Average First Half & below average second half. Nothing impressive in the movie. Chai routine performance. #YuddamSharanam Srikanth make up okay. No one will talk about him after watching this movie #YuddamSharanam - @Itslavanya disappears in second half. She could have avoided this film. #YuddamSharanam - Revathi, Rao Ramesh as parents did so well. Only relief in the film #YuddamSharanam - Neither technology nor Drones utilized in this beaten to death script @ssk1122

SatSpa‏ @Satya_Spandana

Continuous emotionals ups and downs keeps us engaged. Loving the thrill element. Good 1st half. Yay. #YuddhamSharanam A pleasant movie. Definitely not something you'd wanna shout off for but manages to maintain a good pace all-over. #YuddhamSharanam Like father like son. Good or bad, Always choosing strength of script over routine shit.

Dheeraj Babu ✍‏ @DheerajBabuP

With Engaging Screenplay #YuddhamSharanam first Half is Too Good. Waiting for the 2nd half @chay_akkineni & @actorsrikanth were too Good Brilliant Background Score by #VivekSagar & Intense Performance by @chay_akkineni are the Biggest Assets for #YuddhamSharanam A Decent hit

Anil Pallala‏ @anilpallala

#YuddhamSharanam Is a very gripping story. @chay_akkineni @actorsrikanth @Itslavanya @VaaraahiCC Brilliant movie. Congratulations...

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak

Not so likeable story. Interesting screenplay. Average 1st half. #YuddhamSharanam. Below average 2nd half. Common man's struggle ane same concept tho inka enni chesthadu Chay. Kashtam anukuntunna. #YuddhamSharanam

Arjun Reddy‏ @ArjuunAbhijith

#YudhamSharanam Chai Career lo Best Movie... Excellent 1st Half

AK‏ @IamanandkumarG

#YuddhamSharanam 1st half excellent , hospital scene standouts it seems !!!

#YuddhamSharanam‏ @nagfans

#YuddhamSharanam - The film is completely screenplay based & @chay_akkineni is intelligently playing with @actorsrikanth

Yuddham Sharanam‏ @rajkumarmahanti

So far the film is okay with some interesting twists in the tale. Family emotions showcased in the meantime are decent #YuddhamSharanam

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Spyder DUTT‏ @ranbir_adhm

#Yudhamsharanam 1st half went really good. NC career best eppativarku aithe . exciting 2nd half on the way @chay_akkineni

Yuddham Sharanam‏ @darling_chay

#YuddhamSharanam First Half : Good Interval: Bang On Second Half: Superb @chay_akkineni @Itslavanya @ssk1122 @krishnammuthu

MEGA KING‏ @KiranSuragala

Good First Half and Second Half very good #yuddhamsharanam

Chandra verma‏ @chandravvv

#YuddhamSharanam *whistles* loved it..no overaction..perfect blend of emotions & action..@chay_akkineni kummesadu..@Itslavanya


Telugu360‏ @Telugu360

#YuddhamSharanam has a decent first half and a disastrous second half. No entertainment, no good songs

Subba Raju‏ @SubbarajuSiva

Good First Half #YuddhamSharanam Drone Tho Blood Iche Scene Superb , @chay_akkineni Rocking

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#YuddhamSharanam: Another movie that offers nothing beyond the stuff shown in the trailer. #YuddhamSharanam: A formulaic story is narrated at snail pace. Boring to the most part.

CH Sudheer‏ @sudheer_4Nag

Chay with family bonding..aa pleasant screenplay ..chay screen presence..rachaho racha....neat narration..#YuddhamSharanam #YuddhamSharanam songs adurs oooooo adurs on screen..entha varuku movie jolly ride..

Siva‏ @bsiva_siva

End of first half and interesting second half to begin. Specially @chay_akkineni nailed in every scene, his action peaks.#YuddhamSharanam

Sudheer‏ @sudheerkumar325

#YuddhamSharanam Wow Fantastic screenplay @chay_akkineni superb Anna Acting @Itslavanya soo cute & superb acting

Prashanth❤‏ @I_amprashanthG

#YuddhamSharanam is a new style of screenplay with excellent performances @chay_akkineni n @Itslavanya chemistry My rating is 3.75/5

Chaitanya‏ @illusionistChai

Commendable Screenplay work, quite ordinary story. Great Camera work gives a classy feel. Srikanth was furious #YuddhamSharanam. Performances r good. No interruptions. Drone scene stands out! First half done @ssk1122 #YuddhamSharanam. Second half done. Climax play was good. Abburi Ravi's dialogues are noteworthy. On the whole #YuddhamSharanam @ssk1122 @chay_akkineni

Nitin Teja‏ @Nitinteja12

Its review time #YudhamSharanam movie is a good regular revenge drama with limted suspence. Gud luv scene between @chay_akkineni @Itslavanya 2nd half a bit routine stry and regular revenge formula. Chai's acting is backbone of this film nd srikanth's role is nice with limtd scenes. Totally #YuddhamSharanam is family revenge drama with @chay_akkineni top acting skills - verdict: Decent hit 3/5 #YuddhamSharanam a perfect weekend movie @chay_akkineni screen presence is a top notch, congos @Samanthaprabhu2

Ramya‏ @ursramyaleela

#YuddhamSharanam Fantastic Movie @chay_akkineni Acting Luck Favours Him in the form of @Samanthaprabhu2 @Itslavanya Cute 3/5

Girish nehru ‏ @GirishNehru

#YuddhamSharanam-perfect mix of family sentiments n thriller,@chay_akkineni screen presence #srikanth is OUTSTANDING , it's a WINNER

Bittuu !‏ @iTharunG

Excellent 1st Half Family scenes r #FamilyGoals ❤️ Good 2nd Half Kudos to @krishnammuthu by Narrating it without any unnecessary deviations, @chay_akkineni is Brilliant #YuddhamSharanam

M O N I K A❤️‏ @Mouni_Samm

#YuddhamSharanam the best Screenplay nd unique story lines @chay_akkineni intensive Looks nd acting plus point nd unpredictable twists

Saimadhav‏ @saimadhav999m

#YuddhamSharanam a well written & perfect execution @chay_akkineni Srikanth steals d film #Vaarahi production & @ssk1122 @Krishna u guys r

Lakshmi prasanna‏ @prasannaprasuu

Wonderful acting @chay_akkineni #YuddhamSharanam i felt nageswara rao garu nka chanipola manatho ne vunnaru adhi ni ropam lo vunnaru. Bondings nd emotions r super shown in the 1st half...fantastic responce #YuddhamSharanam ..congratulations @chay_akkineniThe way #arjun respected,loved his parents was supebbb... Xcellent movie #YuddhamSharanam @chay_akkineni @Itslavanya U plp lking spb togther

Sahil jain‏ @sahilja02905862

#YuddhamSharanam is an intense drama with an unique screenplay & perfect execution. Chay & Lavanya's chemistry is a treat to watch.

SAi ‏ @Satyasai24x7

A Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo with a Powerful Villain and without GVM and Vellipomakey! Chay excelled as an actor. #YuddhamSharanam Technically #YuddhamSharanam is good. Surprised to see this Richness from a Debut team. Scenes with drones, Night shots, Under water shots Poster Boys full HD movie leaked online: This is how free download may affect its box office collection