Swara Bhasker took to social media and criticised food blogger Nalini Unagar over her
Swara Bhasker took to social media and criticised food blogger Nalini Unagar over her "proud to be a vegetarian" tweet.Instagram

It's been years since and still the debate surrounding non-veg or veg which is better has been a common subject of discussion not just among friends, in day-to-day life but also on social media.

Every veg eater advocates that they are less cruel, while non-vegs have a different take on their choice of delicacy.

Today, on the occasion of Bakr-Eid, once again the veg vs non-veg debate has cropped up.

Actor Swara Bhasker who is unabashed and never minces her words, is highly opinionated, often shares two cents about current affairs and always has her own point of view about the latest news and happenings.

Swara Bhasker took to social media and criticised food blogger Nalini Unagar over her "proud to be a vegetarian" tweet.

Taking to X on Sunday, Nalini shared a picture of her veg meal. The veg food comprises of fried rice and paneer dish.

Sharing the photo, Nalini wrote, "I'm proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty and guilt."

Responding to it, Swara wrote, "Honestly... I don't understand this smug self-righteousness of vegetarians. Your entire diet is made up of denying the calf its mother's milk.. forcibly impregnating cows then separating them from their babies & stealing their milk."

She also added, "You eat root vegetables? That kills the whole plant! Please relax with the virtue signalling just because it's Bakr Eid! (Folded hands emojis)."

Netizens have a mixed take on Swara's comment on veg food.

A user wrote, "In the image, it is tofu, not paneer. Tofu is derived from soy and is made by curdling fresh soy milk. Don't know why you are triggered".

Another mentioned, "Taking a calf's rightful milk by forcibly impregnating cows ???? Seriously, this is your logic?? It appears your wisdom has decided to take an extended holiday. The one who raises an animal also provides it with food and care. If someone gets milk from the animal, they also ensure that the animal and her calf are fed and looked after. It's a very responsible job but this reality would be far too advanced to ever penetrate your minuscule intellect. We saw once you were arguing on a TV channel with No logic, No evidence, and No sense. So we know the capacity of your tiny brain dumbo. And that journalist gave you a thorough public thrashing for all to see. You stick to your new book which teaches about how to get married to 9 years old girl don't put your nose into something where some brain is required."

The third one said, " Even plants have life. So it boils down to individual choice. There is no moral or ethical issue involved here. Let's not judge others. Let's live at peace with ourselves for the choices we make."

Bakr Eid, also known as Eid al-Adha, is being celebrated on June 16-17.

Swara's personal life 

Swara and Fahad had a court marriage which was followed by a social function a month later. The couple had met while protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in January 2020 and had become close friends a while later.

Swara on embracing both cultures

Last year, Swara held a chhathi puja for Raabiyaa. She shared glimpses from the celebrations and said she has been able to find cultural similarities between her and Fahad's families. Swara had written, "The child is a mish mash of the mish mash we are.. So she's 62.5% UP.. 12.5% Bihar.. 25% Andhra.. And I'm all for representation and I'm always here for celebration! Moreover, since our wedding, we've been discovering common cultural practices that both Hindus and Muslims in North India share which reinforces my belief that human beings can come from all manner of diversity but love and joy will find a common language!"

Work front

Swara Bhasker is best known for films including Guzaarish, Raanjhanaa, Tanu Weds Many, and Veere Di Wedding among others. She was last seen in the 2022 release 'Jahaan Chaar Yaar.'