A video of a little girl from Kashmir, who turned reporter to show the bad condition of lanes and bylanes, has created a storm on the internet, with netizens complimenting her for coverage.

Dressed in a red jacket, the girl, whose name as well as the place where she was shooting the video could not be immediately confirmed, is complaining that guests cannot come to her place because of the bad road condition. Her 2.08-minute video, which has gone viral on social media, highlighted the conditions of roads in her locality.

The innocent girl highlighted the deplorable condition of a road that leads to her home. The girl is seen moving from one place to another to shoot the video. The girl asks her camera person whom she is calling her mother to show the road properly. Recently, there has been heavy snowfall and rain in the Kashmir Valley.

In the video, the girl narrates how rain followed by the accumulation of mud has made the situation worse. In the video, shot from a mobile phone, the girl walked on the road showing potholes.

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Netizens ask authorities take cognizance of little reporter

The video has created a storm on social media. Some netizens have tagged this video to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reveal the condition of the roads J&K.

"Cutest journalist with a report on ground realities. Sir, action should be taken based on this report and journalist should be awarded for the great work, please," one Twitter user Ashish Sharda Singh said while tagging the same to Prime Minister and Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha.

"So sorry to know my lovely cute reporter. Authorities please act immediately. God bless my child. Love you from Lucknow," Nalini Kant Tripathi tweeted.

"Very professional approach by the young reporter, we all should be aware of the other side of the beautiful Kashmir, hope her voice will be heard by the concerned authorities and the needful is done," tweeted R K Dhiman.

"Hope the Kashmir administration takes this cute reporter seriously, get the permanent road done at the earliest," tweeted Prabhakar Shenoy.

Earlier Mahiru Irfan's video caught attention of LG Manoj Sinha

This is not the first time a child from the valley has appealed to authorities through video messages.

Last year, a video addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by six-year-old Mahiru Irfan, seeking a cap on the duration of online classes, had propelled the girl from Kashmir to overnight media stardom.

The video had caught the attention of Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, who directed the School Education Department to come out with a policy in 48 hours to ease the burden of homework on the school students.