Sunny Leone and Mia Khalifa

Bollywood celebrities have always inspired many things. From baby names, themes, parties, natural calamities to even restaurants; Bollywood names have always been in vogue. We recently stumbled upon a quirky and somewhat disrespectful usage of few names from the industry and outside, in a restaurant's food menu.

One picture shared by a social media user from a restaurant in Delhi has been doing the rounds on social media is that of its menu and the names of some of its dishes. The restaurant has probably seen an increased number of footfalls because of the names of its dishes like - Sunny Leone Malai Chaap, Baby Doll Malai Chaap and Miya Khalifa Malai Chaap.

Yes, you read it right. The restaurant, whose speciality probably lies in different types of 'chaaps' has the names of two famous porn stars – Sunny Leone (former) and Mia Khalifa. Not just this, the restaurant has also tried to cash in on the popular song number of Sunny Leone – Baby Doll and named one of its chaaps after her.

The restaurant named, Veer Ji Malai Chaap Wale, is a diner in Delhi which is famous for its twist on the vegetarian dishes served with some quirky and unique names. Let's take a look at the menu first.


While the owners of the diner must have thought of bringing in attention and increasing their popularity by adding such names to their menu, but, what can't be ignored is the fact that in doing so they have totally objectified women and being disrespectful towards these two celebrities.

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