A video uploaded to YouTube by a channel named MrMBB333 is now the hottest debating point among conspiracy theorists and doomsday mongers. In the video, originally shot by a woman named Marcine P, a circular object, very similar to a wormhole can be seen in the skies of Kansas.

Wormhole in skies

"The incident happened on October 03, 2020. She noticed a red glow in the night skies at 09.00 PM. She zoomed in on the red glow and this is what showed up. Unbelievable. You will see a swirl, looks like a perfect circle in the sky. It is hollow, maybe a wormhole. Unreal, perfect circle in the night sky. Is it some sort of wormhole or portal in the skies," said MrMBB333 in the video.

Alleged wormhole that appeared in the skies of KansasYouTube: MrMBB333

The video uploaded by the conspiracy theory channel has now gone viral on the internet, and it has already racked up more than 54,000 views on YouTube. After watching the video, followers of MrMBB333 also shared their theories to explain this bizarre sighting.

"Project blue beam, this is what there going to use very soon to deceive the whole world once a certain event takes place, it's coming very soon," commented Marcus Garrett, a YouTube user.

"CERN Scientists recently announced that they would gain access to parallel universes within days. I am guessing they did it," commented another YouTuber.

Rising Debris Field and Doomsday Theories

In another video, MrMBB333 claimed that earth has now entered a thick debris field, and he made this conclusion after analyzing the rising number of asteroid close approaches in recent days.

Netizens have now started claiming that the rise in debris around the earth is indicating a possible arrival of Nibiru, a hypothetical rogue planet that could once hit the earth, resulting in doomsday. However, NASA has several times debunked this doomsday theory, and they claim that Nibiru is nothing but an internet hoax.