Gunasekhar's period film "Rudhramadevi" (Rudramadevi) has done a good collection at the worldwide box office in the first weekend, but the movie has failed to beat the record of Vijay's "Puli".

"Rudhramadevi" is one of the most talked about south Indian movies of 2015 after "I", "Baahubali" and "Puli". The film released in Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam, while its Tamil version is scheduled to hit screens in Tamil Nadu on 16 October. Since its promotion and volume of release was similar to that of "Puli", trade experts had predicted that it would beat the opening day and weekend record of "Puli".

The Anushka Shetty starrer got decent opening everywhere and did a good collection in its opening weekend. "Rudhramadevi" is estimated to have grossed Rs 39.12 crore at the worldwide box office in the first weekend. The film has approximately fetched Rs 26.42 crore to its distributors in three days, according to Andhra Box Office.

Vijay's "Puli", which faced hiccups during its release, has grossed Rs 64.2 crore at the worldwide box office in its opening weekend, as per Andhra Pradesh box office. Mahesh Babu's "Srimanthudu" has collected Rs 60 crore at the global box office. But "Rudhramadevi" has fallen behind by a big margin in global collection records of both the movies. Here is the films' area-wise business.

Area Rudhramadevi Srimanthudu Puli
Andhra/Telangana Rs 25.10 cr Rs 35.20 cr Rs 4.65 cr
Tamil Nadu NA Nil NA Rs 31.50 cr
Karnataka  Rs 3.17 cr Rs 6.15 cr Rs 5.70 cr
Kerala  Rs 1.60 cr NA Rs 3.90 cr
Rest of India   Rs 3.45 cr Rs 2.90 cr Rs 5.40 cr
Overseas   Rs 5.80 cr Rs 16.40 cr Rs 13.05 cr
Total   Rs 39.12 cr Rs 60.65 cr Rs 64.2 cr

"Rudhramadevi" has beaten the records of "Gopala Gopala" and "Temper" and became one of the top five Telugu movies that have got the highest amount in opening weekend in 2015. Here is the list of top six highest Telugu grossers in the opening weekend this year as of now.

Rank movie Gross Share
 1 Baahubali Rs 165.10 cr Rs 98.60 cr
2 Srimanthudu  Rs 60.65 cr Rs 42.80 cr
3 S/o Satyamurthy Rs 44.30 cr Rs 29.85 cr
4 Rudhramadevi  Rs 39.12 cr Rs 26.42 cr
5 Temper  Rs 37.40 cr Rs 25.15 cr
6 Gopala Gopala NA Rs 19.50 cr