Your sleep position says a lot about your personality. Representational image.Creative Commons.

Many of us like hugging our pillow while sleeping while others sleep like they are gazing at the stars.

However, did you know that your sleep positions depict a lot about the type of person you are? On this World Sleep Day, (March 16), learn what your sleep postures mean.

1) The fetal position

Napping with your knees curled up towards your chest is considered the most common posture of sleeping.

Fetal sleepers are said to be like coconuts, hard on the outside but a real softy inside. According to study done by Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK's Sleep Assessment and Advisory, people who sleep in this posture are initially shy, when you meet them but open up to you rather quickly. However such people worry a lot and overthink as well, said Roberts Phipps, an expert in body language.

2) Yearner position

Also known as side sleepers, people from this category sleep on their sides, with their arms stretched out in front of them.

According to Phipps, Yearners are a little complicated people. They can be open minded and yet cynical at the same time. Although they are slow decision makers, they are eager to chase their dreams and life everyday.

3) The log

It's said that 15% of the people sleep on their sides with their arms by their side

While Idzikowski says that people who sleep in the log posture are extroverts and carefree, Phipps has concluded that these kind of sleepers are Inflexible, rigid, stubborn and bossy, reported Sleep Junkie.

4) The soldier

Only 8% of sleepers have said that sleeping on their back with their arms by their sides is the most comfortable position for a good siesta. These people look like they are in an attention mode.

True to the category, such sleepers are indeed quiet and reserved. Idzikowski has said that such people not only have high expectations from themselves, but also expect others to have high standards and strict moral codes.

5) Freefallers

Many people say that sleeping on their stomach with their arms wrapped around the pillows is uncomfortable. However, seven percent people swear that they can't fall asleep until they lie down on their tummy.

According to Idzikowski, freefallers may be sociable but cannot stand criticism. Phipps has said that such people feel like they lack control and are often anxious.

6) The stargazer

Such people, sleep on their backs with their arms wrapped around their head.

Stargazers are happy-go-lucky people and love their friends a lot. They hold a very positive attitude in their life.

7) The Starfish position

Many people like sleeping like a sprawled back eagle.

These people do not like being the centre of attention but rather prefer helping out others. They are carefree by nature and always lend support to their loved ones when needed.