World Rose Day
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The battle against cancer is one of the hardest battles the world has had to face. For those with the disease, it is a battle they never chose to fight and yet do so bravely every single day. September 22nd is marked as World Rose Day, a day when we spread hope and joy as motivation in the fight against cancer. 

The day is also celebrated in the remembrance of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old who fought a rare blood cancer, Askin's Tumor. She is remembered for touching lives and hearts, and that's what World Rose Day embodies.

World Rose Day: Spreading awareness about Cancer

With every battle 2020 has brought us, there are still causes that need our attention. With Cancer being one of the toughest diseases there is to fight, World Rose Day is one where people try to share joy, love and lend support to the warriors battling the disease.

Melinda Rose, a Canadian 12-year-old suffered a rare blood cancer had been told by doctors that she wouldn't live for more than a few weeks, however, she lived six months more. She didn't give hope and during the time, she wrote notes and met other patients to spread positivity. 

Health minister Harsh Vardhan on World Rose Day
World rose day tweet

Since the rose symbolises love and care, the flowers are distributed among cancer patients. And every year, the day is celebrated around the world on September 22nd. The day is also meant to spread awareness about the disease and encourage research into the disease, its prevention and cures.