Women with bigger boobs are loyal and are less likely to cheat, according to a survey conducted by a dating website. 

The survey which was carried out by a website named Illicit Encounters found that women with F cup are most faithful, and they made this conclusion after analyzing 1,000 participants. The survey also found that women with size-B cups are most likely to cheat. 

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Self-confessions of infidelity

During the survey, the dating website tried to determine the association between the size of boobs and infidelity. 

"The company surveyed 1,000 of our female members to discover a few eye-opening facts about cheating and the size of a woman's bosom," said a spokesperson of Illicit Encounters. 

Out of the 1,000 women who participated in the survey, 31 percent had boob sizes ranging from D-G, while the remaining 69 percent had a bra size between AA and C cups. 

Women with smaller breasts are likely to cheat more

The spokesperson of Illicit Encounters revealed that women with smaller boobs are most likely to cheat their partners. The dating website also added that 35 percent of women with B-cup size are cheaters. 

"We also found that Marks and Spencer was the number one place where women bought sexy underwear for their lover's eyes only, followed by Victoria's Secret, and Agent Provocateur," added the website, Daily Star reports. 

Jessica Leoni, a relationship expert at Illicit Encounters also suggested that women prefer Marks and Sparks for lingerie to wear for their illicit encounters.

The survey, however, lack any scientific proof, and it will be mere foolishness to believe that all the women with a B-cup are cheaters.