Brutal physical fights ensuing on the streets are neither unheard of nor unseen. But a woman being brutally assaulted with many watching and no one helping requires some introspection on what has become of the civilised society.

street fight

A woman lawyer was brutally assaulted and injured at Bagalkote in Karnataka. The shocking eight-second footage of the incident shows many standing by and watching but no one stepping forward to help the woman.

The horrific clip shows the woman being beaten, slapped, and kicked in the stomach by a man in broad daylight. The incident, recorded by the bystanders on their mobile phones, took place in broad daylight near Vinayak Nagar in Bagalkote district of Karnataka on Saturday. Even more unfortunately, no one stepped forward to rescue the woman even after her husband appealed for help while she was being assaulted.

Property dispute behind the incident 

The woman lawyer has been identified as Sangeeta Shikkeri, while the man in the video is her neighbour Mahantesh Cholachagudda. The man was later arrested, after the video went viral on social media with many expressing their utter shock. As per the statement made by local police, Mahantesh attacked the lawyer because of a long-standing personal enmity between the two over a property dispute.

Allegations and a political angle

In statements given to the media, the man claims that the lawyer allegedly tortured and harassed him. As per a few local media reports citing the neighbours, this is not the first time a fight has ensued between the two families. As per a few media reports, Sangeeta has named BJP General Secretary Raju Naikar behind the incident, alleging that Mahantesh acted on the orders of Naikar, since she has filed a complaint against the BJP leader over a property dispute. Naikar, in an interview to media houses, said it was a political conspiracy against him. He also said that he purchased the house legally and did not instigate anyone to attack the woman.

Statement from SP, Bagalkote

As the shock, disdain and disbelief spread on social media with many condemning the incident in strongest of words, Superintendent of Police, Bagalkote issued a statement on the same. "A video is circulating on social media in which a lady is assaulted by a person in Bagalkote town. The assailant has been arrested and produced before the jurisdictional court. He is currently in judicial custody." Many wondered if the action would be as swift if the video had not been circulated on the social media.