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Acting on his last wish, of dying together with his wife, a man bitten by a venomous snake in turn bit his wife's wrist in Bihar. Although the man died, the doctor saved his wife's life.

This happened, on Saturday, in Samastipur, a district located 90 km north of Patna. Reports say that Shankar Rai, a resident of Birsingpur village in the district, was asleep at home when a venomous snake bit him. When he woke up next day and found his condition worsening, he turned emotional.

When Shankar realised that he would not survive for long, he rushed to his wife Amiri Devi and bit her hand saying that he loved her so much that he wanted them to die together. Reports quoted witnesses as saying that the two of them were found unconscious. They were rushed to a government hospital where the man died. The doctors, however, managed to save the woman.

"The woman could be saved as her treatment began on time. She is safe now," Dr Jaykant told local media on Monday.

Amiri Devi later told police that her husband sank his teeth into her wrist as he wanted them to die together and stay united even after death, but his last wish remained unfulfilled. "He told me he loved me too much and want to die together before grabbing my wrist and sinking his teeth into it. I allowed him to do so," the woman told media.

In a bizarre incident early this year, a deadly snake had also emerged from a school kid's bag in a classroom in Bihar's Begusarai district. It had caused a stampede-like situation.