Mahesh Bang

Mahesh Bang is an internationally acclaimed Vedic astrologer and Vastu expert. He is also a renowned celebrity astrologer and has guided many celebrities like Sanjay Dutt, Sophie Chaudhry and many more.

Settled in South Africa, his insight towards the Vedic science came into light at a very early stage. When the things that he mentioned to people started happening, many respectable bureaucrats, politicians decided to seek advice from him. Coming from a spiritual background, his family encouraged him to pursue a full-fledged career in astrology. 

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India renowned astrologer Mahesh Bang opens up on what inspired him to become an astrologer? How Vedic science helps people attain the desired success. And finally, he has an answer to that one question the nation has been waiting for since March 25, 2020, when will COVID-19 ease out in India and world?

Excerpts from the interview:

What inspired you to start astrology?

Every family experiences ups and downs, and in my teens, we found the times to be really tough. At this stage, I sought the reasons as to why my family and I had to suffer, and before I know it I found many answers in the science of astrology. I thereafter started reading these books with newfound interest.

Secondly, at the age of 12, I foretold that my friend will not write the exam that year. And as the year progressed, he had an injury that prevented him from writing the final exam. Following this, my mother recogniased that the skill of prediction that she had noticed during many occurrences had been confirmed. I can proudly say that it was my mother and the spiritual teachings she had imbedded in me are the reasons why I chose this path.

 Who are all your key clients from Bollywood?

I am fortunate enough to have a huge clientele base in Bollywood, amongst politicians and businessmen around the globe. Due to the unspoken confidentiality of my profession, I cannot reveal their names.

How has astrology or your guidance made an impact on them?

Astrology helps one to maximize the good events and minimize the negative effect that can occur in life's journey. So, it gives direction and shapes the effect of your hard work & effort. I have seen many benefit from the correct utilization of this science.

 Among all the Bollywood stars, who has inspired you most in your professional life?

Bollywood Icon Sanjay (Dutt) Bhai, who is one of the finest human beings I have met thus far. He is so humble and considers me as a younger brother. I am so glad to be a part of his family. I have known him for about two decades now. He is a very kind & soft-hearted person and has a vast knowledge of spirituality and astrology. If approached he is always willing to help anyone. In my experience, he uses logic and reasoning prior to accepting any science. I feel lucky to know him.

Mahesh Bang

  They say karma and hard work lead to success, what role does astrology play?

Yes, definitely. Karma and hard works are the necessities and tools for leading a successful spiritual and material life. This is without a doubt. One must always aspire to do good karma and work hard to achieve their goals. Astrology allows us a window to view ones previous Karma and the effect in their current circumstances.

For example, if one has good karma, then they are born with favourable planetary alignments, as a result, they are placed in a family with more recourses which are beneficial for their development and as they grow, circumstances and opportunities present themselves to launch them forward according to their destiny.

Astrology is particularly beneficial to one who is at crossroads, feels confused, needs a clearer understanding of what is to follow, or anyone who has a curious mind on what their future holds. If one has a specific path or goal then knowledge of what decisions to make and when is where astrology is like a vital torch that brightens one's path. Seeking astrological guidance is like checking the wind direction during sailing a boat if you know the wind direction you can sail easily if you don't then you have put more effort to reach your destination.

 When is it expected for COVID-19 phase to end in India or when will things get better?

If one has followed my recent astrological take on Covid-19 which made worldwide news, where I had stated that we will get an opportunity for some relief at the end of September 2020. Here we will see that the people of the countries which follow proper precautions and regulations will enjoy the relief and hence will see them overcoming the effect, ability to contain and in some places may resort to a somewhat normal way of life. Those who cannot follow the recommended guidelines will see the opposite occurring. In India, SA and America will continue to peak.

In October we may hear favourable news regarding a vaccine.

From 20 November 2020 to 4th April 2021, the planetary configuration is again very unfavourable for the world, this may increase natural calamities, war type situations among two countries, unrests, protests for some. Here there is a real possibility of vaccine failure or a second wave of COVID -19.

According to occult science, the first day of the proper lockdown in India began on the 25th of March, this is the first day of our Hindu new year. This in itself is an inauspicious omen. Therefore, it seems that this condition will last until the next first day of our Hindu new year i.e. 13 April 2021, in India. Thereafter it will begin its resolution.

After 21st November 2021, when the planet Jupiter will enter Aquarius sign, then the entire globe will again see better days. Every country after this date will be able to control and contain the pandemic astrologically, at this stage we will find ourselves equipped with an effective vaccine.

Again on 10th and 11th, Feb 2021 six planets will be coming in one zodiac sign, this configuration again spells dark clouds looming. This was one of the major contributing factors that I utilize to predict the onset of the pandemic ahead of the time last year 2019.

I had predicted this pandemic in 2019, at an event in Durban, I had stated, "On this Christmas 2019 there are 6 planets coming in one zodiac sign and it is a very very rare configuration. This equation was present in 1st world war, 2nd world war, Indo-China war, plague (1347) pandemic periods. Around this time some occurrence will plant the seed for a worldwide negative incident in the coming year that will draw global attention. This planetary configuration in the transit is not favourable for the Earth. Somewhere there will be unrest in the countries, misfortune will take place in the coming year. Also repeated on national radio lotus and my FB wall."

Thereafter I have been quoted by multi-nation media houses "Now after unfolding his predictions we understand the gravity of what he had warned us about, we see its world (health) war type situation, its initial epicentre was china, started in December and where he stated plague now its a Pandemic."

To the people who don't believe in astrology, what do you recommend?

Astrology exists whether one wants to believe or not is your choice. Either way if one continues to do good deeds with pure intension, and maintain positive thinking, and make a good effort then you can still achieve the positive effects of your favourable horoscope. One should always aspire towards this.