Lee Min Ho Suzy Bae
Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae confirmed their relationship in March 2015.Instagram/Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae

After the success of miss A's latest album "Colors", Suzy Bae is currently focusing on her acting career, which increases the chances of her sharing screen space with Lee Min Ho.

Several advertisement companies have already revealed that they earned a huge profit after the young couple officially admitted to their relationship, and hence production companies too might want to invest in the duo. 

The first firm to try out the newly found relationship of "Gangnam Blues" star in an advertisement was LG. As a teaser to its upcoming commercial, the company posted a photo of the actor with the caption "LG? Su-G (Suzy)?" on Facebook last month. Though the agency stated that the image was uploaded only to arouse interest and not as an official ad, it triggered several criticisms from Netizens, which forced the firm to delete the picture.

But the post created the desired frenzy and the 27-year-old actor and miss A singer have now become one of the most trending topics across the globe.

A representative of an advertisement company stated that Min Ho charges three billion KRW (US$ 2.8 million USD) for a one-year contract and Bae witnessed a sharp increase in viewership of her commercials recently.

"In the past, there was a damage compensation clause for dating or marriage, but public perception and trends have changed so public relationships aren't always viewed negatively," he told Soompi.

Meanwhile, CEO of JYP Entertainment and popular Korean singer JY Park shared his thoughts on the young couple. "What I was worried about when I heard was, 'Is he possibly a bad guy?' That was the only thing I was worried about. Whether it's friendships or dating, if people meet bad people, there's a bad influence. Since the kids [in the company] are still young, I want them to meet and date good people," he said.

It can assumed that fans of "Gangnam Blues" star and his lady love would not have to wait for long to watch the two share screen space. But, as of now, there are no official confirmation on it.

Currently the couple is busy with their individual projects and its promotional activities. The actor is working with Cosmetic brand Innisfree for a new web drama "Summer Love", which will telecast its second episode on Wednesday, 13 May.

On the other hand, the singer is in talks with a production company for an upcoming Chinese drama titled "Imperial Guard Night Travels" in which she is expected to play the female lead.