Congress Legislature party leader Opposition leader in Karnataka Siddaramaiah on Tuesday asserted that he will never join the BJP even if offered the prime minister or president's post.

Addressing a rally at Magadi, Siddaramaiah further said that JD(S) and other parties will join hands with BJP for power. The JD(S) does not have any ideology and eligibility and can join hands with anyone to attain power.

Congress senior Siddaramaiah
Congress senior SiddaramaiahIANS

"I have been tagged as anti-Hindu by the BJP. C.T. Ravi (BJP MLA, National General Secretary) calls me Siddramullah Khan. Mahatma Gandhi was a true Hindu. But, can the people who worship Godse be called real Hindus?" Siddaramaiah questioned.

Do they have respect? Do the parties who made alliance with such people have any respect? he asked.

Siddaramaiah.Siddaramaiah Twitter Account

"During my tenure as the CM, I have given food security to all. BJP has not been able to do it. Seven kilograms of rice was given earlier, which was brought down to five kilograms by the BJP government. When we attain power, we will give 10 kilograms of rice and Rs 2,000 every month to women," he said.