Kiara Advani's Masturbation Scene
A sceen shot from of Kiara Advani's masturbation scene.PR Handout

Kiara Advani landed in the centre of a controversy over her masturbation scene from her Netflix original Lust Stories. Now, the web series will be reportedly made in Telugu with Amala Paul doing one of the key roles. So, the question that many of the fans are wondering is whether the orgasm scene will be recreated in the Tollywood version.

In Lust Stories, there was a scene in which Kiara Advani who played the role of a school teacher, uses a vibrator for an orgasm as her husband Paras (Vicky Kaushal) do not sexually satisfy her. While the new-age audience did not complain about the sequence, the conservative section of audience criticised the sequence.

Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee, Karan Johar and Zoya Akhtar had directed Lust Stories, an anthology film which comprises of four short stories. Kiara Advani's short story was directed by Karan Johar.

Talking about the scene with NDTV, he had earlier said, "The much talked about masturbation scene in VDW has opened up a forum of conversation. There are all kinds, of course, like trolls, bad, ridiculous views, and some completely regressive perspectives but the fact is that suddenly we are talking about masturbation and let's say that that's a great thing. So for people out there who feel the concept only is blasphemous now are suddenly talking about it through a mainstream film."

On her turn, Kiara Advani told PTI, "I feel now it is becoming normal and natural and people are talking about it, eventually they will think, why make a big deal of it? It will take time. Not every person is going to be ok. For instance, kissing scenes were considered a huge deal but not today."

"Everybody is aware and exposed to and is educated enough. As long as nothing is out of context then it is fine to show it in films. It is good that everything is being shown instead of forcefully trying to hide it. At the end of the day, lust is a by-product of love," Kiara added.

Interestingly, Netflix is now making it headway into regional market by producing originals. As per the reports, Amala Paul is onboard for the Telugu version of Lust Stories which also has Jagapathi Babu in an important character. Her role is not revealed yet.

Nonetheless, the fans are curiously looking forward to see whether the masturbation scene will be part of the Telugu version, taking the conservative Telugu audience into consideration. However, the entire story revolves around the sequence with a message that a woman has more desires than just having children out of sex and one cannot do away with the sequence, say those who appreciated it in the Hindi version.