Will Friedle, the hilarious voice actor who brought Eric Matthews to life in the hit 90s children's show "Boy Meets World" and now reprises it on the sequel series "Girl  Meets World", turns 39 on Tuesday, 11 August.

Although we haven't seen him for a really long time, Eric's antics are still fresh in our memories and his return to "GMW" is ample reminder why he was a beloved "BMW "character.

Towards the end of "Boy Meets World", Eric's best scenes were with his roommate Jack, played by Matthew Lawrence, and to the delight of all hardcore fans, it has been confirmed that he will return to the world of Cory and Topanga in an upcoming episode of "Girl Meets World".

While Jack's visit is still a couple of days away, let's celebrate Friedle's birthday by recalling some of his funniest quotes as Eric Matthews on both "Boy Meets World" and "Girl Meets World":

  • "How to Succeed in Business" (BMW)

"As I turned the corner and walked down that road, it occurred to me. Either I was going the wrong way or that semi-truck was. But that's life." 

  • "Things Change" (BMW)

"You see duckies are good because not only do they give you that non-threatening sense of security, but you can feed them crackers and you can ride them. See, duckies are the horses of the ocean."

  • "Girl Meets Mr Squirrels" (GMW)

Topanga: I owe you an apology, Eric. People who underestimate you are making a big mistake. Cory was right to have faith in you. You really are a mature, normal human being.
Eric: I am not! 

  • "The Pink Flamingo Kid" (BMW)

Eric: So I said to myself - Kyle.
Alan: Kyle?
Eric: That's what I call myself. 

  • "Brother" (BMW)

Amy: Sometimes you scare me. I mean how are you supposed to do well in college if you can't even fill out the housing application?
Eric: Oh, it's worse than that. Checked the wrong box on some other form, now they think I'm an Eskimo. 

  • "Eric Hollywood" (BMW)

Alan: You know the real tragedy tonight is that William Shakespeare couldn't be here to see how good you are.
Eric: Aw, he'll come tomorrow. I mean we're here all week. 

  • "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington" (GMW)

Eric: Wow! Ha-ha. This looks just like Harley Keiner. Oh, Harley Keiner. Mmm, Harley Keiner. If I could do my whole life over again, I would give that guy such a what for. You do. You do look a lot like Harley Keiner. You got like the whole Harley Keiner head and the whole Harley Keiner face. It says Harley on your shirt. Oh, this is terrible.