Janhvi Kapoor's reel life choices are quite in contradiction to her social media appearances. While in films we see her as the girl-next-door or a small city belle, on social media and in reality, she is the stark opposite of that. And on being asked about her hot and glamorous posts on social platforms, the Kapoor girl gave the most honest response ever.

Janhvi Kapoor
Janhvi KapoorInstagram

Janhvi's logic

While talking to Galatta Plus, the Dhadak actress spoke at length about the contrast and contradiction on her reel and real life. "I heard it. I have been told these things many times like There is a huge difference in the films you make and your social media presence is quite controversial. I try to be careful with these calculations, it might discourage people from seeing me in a Manish Malhotra saree and then a kurta in a movie, but this is my job, my art. In fact, I'm not that kind of person, that is. what it's like to be an actor."

Janhvi Kapoor photoshoot love bite
Janhvi Kapoor photoshoot love biteInstagram

Social media for financial independence

She also added that her philosophy behind social media is to just have fun and be who you are. And if that attracts people and in turn brands, it helps her gain financial independency. "I don't want to take this too seriously. My social networks are meant for me to enjoy. If I look cute and 5 other people like my photos, I hope I can buy another brand and make my own money. Also I will be able to pay my EMI easier than ever before," she added.

Janhvi Kapoor enjoys a whopping 20.3 million followers on Instagram. The Mili actress is a social media sensation and brand ambassador of several big brands.