Neel Sarkhedi

Nature and wildlife photography has created a niche of its own in today's time. It might look all things fancy, but there goes a lot of effort behind getting a perfect shot. However, Neel Sarkhedi has mastered this type of photography. An entrepreneur by profession, his passion for photography saw him turn into a wildlife photographer in 2019. The photographer started his journey on a small-scale and has left a mark.

Hailing from the Ankleshwar city of Gujarat, he believes that his profession demands creativity across every level. His profession has often kept him out of his comfort zone, and in these two years, he has brushed his skills. He made his foray into the field of photography in 2019. He is an entrepreneur by profession and has now dedicatedly taken up photography as his full-time job.

Unlike the monotonous work setup, his profile demands different job roles for different projects. In other words, the wildlife photographer stated that every day is a new learning experience for him. Travelling amidst the mountains, forests and along the riverside is what brings him one step closer to nature. He had recently visited Himachal Pradesh. His Instagram page is a lookbook with good pictures of different wildlife creatures.

The photographer has till date travelled to many forests and wildlife sanctuaries like Gir forest, Ranthambore National Park, Thor Bird Sanctuary and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. While his job is a challenging one, wildlife photographers have got an array of perks. Out of many benefits, photographers get to travel and explore different destinations. "That is perhaps the best thing I love about my job. I don't need to sit in one place all the time. Earning money while travelling is what makes me love my profession more", he reveals.

Not just this, in his career of almost three years, he says he has captured wonderful species in his lens including Painted Stoke, Macaw Tiger, Indian Eagle Owl, Striped Hyena, Giraffe, Asiatic Lion, Tiger among other wildlife creatures. As travelling norms have become easier after the pandemic, he is already exploring different habitats. The photographer in the coming year is hoping to travel abroad, and he cannot contain his excitement about it.